Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Papoose Board Consent Tactics Surface

Today I've received two separate reports from concerned parents that indicate FORBA-Small Smiles have changed it's tactics in obtaining consent to strap children down in papoose boards.  There reports are from two separate states. 

(Boy, the Papoose board sure is an important tool for these places aren't they)

Evidently they aren't having the parent or guardian pre-consent to the use of these devices anymore.  (They are calling them "protective wraps", isn't that sweet!)

From the two reports I've gotten just this morning, they are still separating the parents from the children, taking the children back for fillings, sealants, crowns whatever, then returning to to the parents saying:

"because he was wiggling and screaming and said that he was a danger to himself and the doctors"

It makes it seem that they are in the middle of a procedure and it's imperative they sign this consent so that they can finish the procedure.

Whatever the real reason, it's clear they have changed their tactics but still pushing on tying up children at any cost.

Now, FORBA, you want to make another statement about how you are improving things?  That is just pure BS!

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