Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dentists Associated With Kool Smiles, Evansville, Indiana Operation

How many dentists do you think can work at one Kool Smiles dental mill?  10?  15?  20?
Never mind, don’t answer, I’ll just tell you.  The answer seems to be 60!  

Of course we know that 60 dentists can’t possibly work at one Kool Smiles, so they must float around the state from office to office.

But if you check out you will find there are 60 dentists listed as providers at the Evansville, Indiana clinic at 400 E. Diamond Ave.

Dr. Falastin Abu Smn
Dr. Daniel P. Aldulenscu
Dr. John Ambrose
Dr. Kevin W. Beadle
Dr. Jennifer L. Beavin
Dr. Vidya R. Bettagere
Dr. Angelina J. Blass
Dr. Jessica E. Bolander
Dr. Randall W. Moorman Brigham
Dr. Jessica Brown
Dr. Michael W. Brown
Dr. Polly B. Buckey
Dr. Steven W. Buedel Dr. Brian O. Burke
Dr. Matthew A. Butler
Dr. Meghan E. Butler
Dr. Shane T. Cope
Dr. Joshua B. Davis
Dr. Emani Sreekanth
Dr. Shadrach G. Gonqueh
Dr. Kent M. Gross
Dr. Allison M. Heuer

Dr. Amber R. Hobbs-Buchner
Dr. Ted L. Huppert
Dr. Jeffery M. Jones
Dr. Phillip L. Jones
Dr. Ajay P. Joshi
Dr. Edna F. Kemp
Dr. Anthony r. Klein
Dr. Pooja Kumar
Dr. Shalesh Kumar
Dr. Connie Kunelis
Dr. Michael J. Lawyer
Dr. Tinna Lee
Dr. Elizabeth Maletta
Dr. Lucas B. Marrs
Dr. Yovnne R. Mcleod
Dr.Jacob E. Myers

Dr. Raghunandan B. Narasimhamurthy
Dr. Marlene Navedo
Dr. Tiffany Nicole Nightengale
Dr. Karen J. Noel
Dr. Nassim F. Olabi
Dr. Uma Peeta
Dr. Thien C. Pham, owner
Dr. Michael L. Rudolph
Dr. Afsaneh Samimi
Dr. Dipesh P. Sitaram
Dr. Peter Smith
Dr. David M. Strange, Chief Dental Officer
Dr. Pavel D. Svilenov
Dr. Juanita R. Taylor
Dr. Tu Tran, owner
Dr. Ryan D. Tschetter
Dr. Roger P. Valliere
Dr. David M. Vieth, Corporate level, stepped in when Dr. Pham sold out.
Dr. Carl Williams
Dr. Sara J. Willingham White

One name jumped out in this long list.  Dr. Tiffany Noel Nightengale.  Tiffany is also a provider in Indiana, Virginia and Ohio for FORBA’s Small Smiles.   Some dentist are also provers in Kentucky.  Dr. Polly Buckey for example.

We can take Dr. Thien Pham off the list, since according to the minutes of the Arizona Dental Board for August 2009, he says he has left the company.  Wonder why one of the founders is gone?  I’ll be looking into that.
I noticed Dr. Pham was missing from the Kool Smiles ‘About Us’ page the other day.  In his place is Dr. David M. Vieth. 

6 Must Read Comments:

Anonymous said...

I for one would really like to know why all these dental mills especially Small Smiles is hiring so many foreign dentists? Is it because they can't hire REAL dentists that have ethics? They seem to have a huge tap into India and the mid east to bring so called dentists into our country to work for them. Many of them can only speak broken english so how in the heck can they decipher what is really wrong with the child or understand a patient when they have complaints. Are they getting them that cheap because they promise them "their GREEN CARDS"? I am a former Small Smiles employee and I can tell you there were many dentists I have seen come through our clinic that couldn't carry on a conversation because of the language barrier.

Debbie said...

I have the same question. What I'm finding is the larger businesses can afford to support all the green card dentists. Giving them a for sure job. So, the next question is, how do they find them? When I started looking into this I couldn't believe all the foreign names. Don't mean to sound prejudice at all, it's just so obvious. I've got to where I can look at the list of dentists, and pick out the ones that work in the dental mills just by their name. Where is their pool of dentists, are they shipping them in here? One has to ask.

Anonymous said...

I can say for a FACT the only dentist in Evansville is Dr. Amber Hobbs.
The first name on the list, Dr. Susan Andrews - HA she wishes. She WAS the office manager. NOT an doctor. Never has been and will never be one either.

Debbie said...

She may be only an office manager, but she sure is listed as being a medicaid provider at that office, as is all the others on this list. You tell me what's going on then...

Anonymous said...

Ok..I can see sheer ignorance about many aspects of the half-ass research and comments done here.First off no on can practise dentistry without a DDS or a DMD from a ADA accredited university and with a state license.All foreign dentists need to go thru dental school and have to take TOEFL exams and National Boards state licensing etc..I am not a dentist but i have friends who are and have gone thru dental school with a lot of hard work. Just because the names are weird looking does not mean anything.(just pure racisim).Sorry to say but this blog is spreading more ignorance than good usable information. Blame the big corporation not the people who work there.They have families and kids just like anyone else.Do you know how fast a dental drill spins? do you want you kids moving their head while getting treatment?Do you know what percentage of parents do not teach good oral hygiene to their kids?Why do such young children have that many dental issues? If every dentist accepted medicaid we would not have such companies or dentists would we?

Anonymous said...

I know they have to licensed, but I think that the reason for so many foreign doctors is because other countries have different out looks on many different areas. For instance, the treatment and rights of children. So these dentist are not wrong in that, they are just different. That being said, the ones in charge know how this country value the rights of children. and they know this treatment is not acceptable. They receive complaints and will tell half truths about happenings. They will cover by saying "I am looking into that" yeah, well they have been "looking" in to alot of happenings; however they apparently do nothing to fix them! there are similar complains for years! Wish I would have looked before exposing my child to this place! Outrageous abuse of the system, and children. I call unnecessary caps an abuse! They strap kids down to cap teeth that have a one surface cavity (even though it will fall out in a year of so). Something needs to be done to stop the system from paying 10 fold to this company