Friday, April 30, 2010

Meet Dr. David M. Strange, Jr. Faux Chief Dental Officer For Kool Smiles

Oh look, it's Dr. David M. Strange, wife and children.   They can be found here, in Colorado.
Wonder what his children are going to think when they grow up a bit more and know what he did to children for a $.

Oh Look, once again Dr. Strange appears here too!  Liar Liar, pants on fire.

So, Dr. Strange has moved back to Colorado, Dr. Pham wanted to move to El Paso, they didn't want him to, so they bought him out and NOW Dr. Tu Tran's dental licenses is under review in Georgia and Indiana, among other states....and we have idiots in Kentucky -Legislators and Medicaid Officials - gather at Kool Smiles for a pep rally. 

I'm not worried though, I'm sure Dr. Polly will keep everything under control....but if I worked at a Kool Smiles, I might be looking for another job.  But while you're at it, tell what you know, file a Qui Tam lawsuit and reap the rewards.  First come, first served! 

Dear God, help me find a way to remove the blinders.