Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June 1, 2010 and FORBA Still Keeps Parents From Accompanying Their Children.

Let me see, how many times has FORBA Small Smiles said they have no policy to keep parents from accompanying their children into the torture chambers.  I’ve lost count.  Even though a film was shot and showed to company officials, they deny it.  Even when confronted with their own hand book, page 4, where it was referred to as “parent management”, they deny it…  even when they are shown a copy of an email sent out of their own Nashville office from Lisa Mullinix with a ‘script’ to use to keep parent from going back with their child, they deny… 

Thanks to a Watchdog I was alerted to a couple of things going on at a Small Smiles clinic just today.

On Small Smiles website they have a FAQ that pretty much is nothing but falsehoods, or as I referred to them, down right lies!




Answer :

Yes. At FORBA-associated dental centers,parents are welcome to accompany their children during treatment.


Just today on facebook are the following entries:

In a conversation between Janie Williams and her friend Takeeva Morrison it goes like this:

Janie: I better not b sitting here long in small smiles.  Daughter has dentist appt.

Takeeva:  Aweeee  take pics

Jannie: Wish I good [sic] but they don’t allow parents in back.  Will take pic before nd[sic] after

Takeeva Morrison: Okay

Janine: Teeth r looking good.

facebook.com 2010-6-1 11-15-2


FORBA Small Smiles needs to learn that with Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites, nothing is a secret anymore.  People post things in real time… 

I knew FORBA and its settlement and signed Compliance Agreement was nothing but pure bullshit!  (sorry, to be so frank)