Friday, June 18, 2010

Kool Smiles Open’s In Gary Indiana; Another View

I’m never disappointed when it comes to government agencies and their complicity in abuse, fraud and opening allowing criminal to operate with in their states.

As it’s happened once again, this time in Northern Indian.  Gary to be precise. 

Early last fall the regional manager for Kool Smiles was sent to the Statehouse to sell her snake oil in the name of quality dental care to the “underserved”. 

Being not as well informed as one might think he should be, Rep. Charlie Brown (the name could explain it) bought every drop she had and ordered more.  He asked her to bring Kool Smiles to his hometown, Gary.  Now we know Dr. Polly Bucky didn’t just happen to show up at the Statehouse, nor did one little speech set the ball rolling for this clinic.  It was already a done deal, this was just the dog and pony show that has to be made for the benefit of the public and, well, news outlets.

I wonder if Dr. Polly showed Rep. Charlie Brown the papoose boards.  Were they hidden away in the closet during the open house?  I wonder if he ever asked just how they deliver that ‘quality care’.

(Of course it was already planned to bring the clinic there, what do we think Dr. Polly was there for in the first place, but it does make for great theater)

So yesterday, the clinic was open and is located in the Gary Community Health Center, 1021 W. 5th Ave. 

This is being touted as a public-private partnership.  We know what that means.  Taxpayers are not only footing the bill for the clinic, they will be paying the dentist, hygienist and other staff via Medicaid dollars. 

I don’t understand why the taxpayers of Indiana even need Kool Smiles as more or less the middle man.  Just hire some dentist and put them to work.

When Rep. Charlie Brown (sorry, can hardly not giggle when I write that) said, “From start to finish, Kool Smiles has had Gary’s best interest at heart,” I puked in my mouth.  As will the children who go there for their version of “Quality Care”.

I wonder if Rep. Brown and whoever he got to ok the HRSA $$’s to put Kool Smiles there has access to the Internet?

You would think by they way this was presented, there was nothing like it in Gary and that just would not be true.

FORBA’s facility, Children’s Dental Clinic of Gary is open every day.

Amazingly just a few weeks ago,  April and May,  the founder of Kool Smile’s, Dr. Tu Minh

Tran,  license status at the board’s website was “under review” but still allowed to practice.  (Not that he’s ever seen a patient in Indiana)

It’s Dr. Tran’s license that keeps the clinics close to legally operating.  They are clean as a whistle today.  However in Georgia, where Kool Smiles (NCDR, LLC) is headquartered, his dental license expired 12-31-2009 and the renewal is “pending”.



I wish I could be there to see the faces of the other medical personnel who will share the building with Kool Smiles when they begin to hear the screams of pain and see the children as they walk out of Kool Smiles’ area.   I am glad there are other facilities there to offer medical care because those children will need it, if thing happen there as they do at every other Kool Smiles office.

I hope Rep. Charlie Brown cares enough about his district to make unannounced visits to check on things, his future political career now hinges on Kool Smiles.  Isn’t that scary!  I don’t know how many times I have to tell people to be very careful what you ask for, because you just may get it!

Oh and if there is any person in Lake County who would like to challenge Rep. Charlie Brown during the next election, keep a close eye on Kool Smiles.  It will give you all the ammo you need.  Below is Dr. Polly’s latest on camera video.  Wonder if she’s ever been through the Dale Carnegie program, I’m guessing no.  Actually, I’m guessing by the dumb look on her face she’s never hear of it.


Just a small example of horror stories from Kool Smiles:

My name is XXX BXXXXX and I have taken my kids to Kool smiles and our experience about 2 months ago was horrible. I refuse to take my children back to this dentist office. My son who is six years old was told that he could not go to the bath room while in the chair and that he needed to hold it, while screaming and hurting he peed on himself. In the event to cover it up or to make it not as noticeable they tried to dry him with a hand dryer. When I was informed about the incident I was mortified and more so hurt. To know that my son was made to sit there and use the bathroom on himself was painful to me and to him. When I questioned them I was told that he waited to the last minute to tell them and they were at a point where they couldn’t stop. I informed them that, that was not acceptable and I was very unhappy, they offered to put his clothes in a dryer, I refused. I called their corporate office the following day and left a message to file a complaint and I never heard back from anyone. After several attempts to file a complaint with them and no response I gave up. When I saw this article it gave me some relief that I am not the only one that is going through the pain caused by Kool Smiles.