Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dental mills concentrated with nitrous oxide, are you in danger-yes; your children-yes, them too.


There is a problem with high levels of exposure to Nitrous Oxice.  Two studies done along with the ADA showed a higher incidence of hepatic, renal and neuralgic disorders among exposed personnel.  More importantly it showed an increase in spontaneous abortions in chairside assistants and the wives of dentists.  It also showed an increase in congenital abnormalities in children of assistants.  These two studies pointed to a problems for females who were pregnant and working in dental offices where nitrous oxide was used.
Cohen et al., 1980; Brodsky et al., 1981

In another study, Swedish midwives exposed to nitrous oxide showed they had trouble getting pregnant if they were exposed to Nitrous Oxide more than 30 times a month. G Axelsson, G Ahlborg, Jr, L Bodin Occup Environ Med. 1996 June; 53(6): 374–378.

Adverse Effects of Nitrous Oxide