Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Texas has 33% less population but spends 10 times more than California on orthodontic care. Please Explain!


California  Population   36,961,664
Texas Population         24,782,302  
Difference                   12,179,362

  • Texas has 12.1 million less  people than California.  That is 33% less people. 
  • California's total budget for orthodontic (braces) care for children on Medicaid is $19 million.
  • Texas spent $184 million on Orthodontics for children on Medicaid in 2010.
  • Texas spent 9.68 times, almost 10 times as much of their tax dollars on 33% less people! 

How do you explain this!

How do you explain how one Texas dentist, all by himself, was paid $22 million.  This is 1.16 times as much as the entire state of California has budgeted!  One dentist!!

Yes, Carlos Navarro, and his Orthodonix center brought home 1.16 times as much of your tax dollars as the whole state of California used.

Texas Citizens Picking Up Tab for Unnecessary Orthodontics