Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Maybe Small Smiles Dental Center “Owners” Should-Sell-Sell-Sell

Dentists who supposedly own the 67 Small Smiles dental centers that Church Street Health Management says they personally don’t own, could just start selling off your assets, right?.

In the Church Street Health Management-Small Smiles Dental Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filings Martin McGahan, in a sworn Affidavit, stated:

“The dental centers are owned by licensed dentist” (p.2)

He further states CSHM simply:

“…provide “dental practice management services” to 67 dental centers serving low income and underprivileged families in 22 states…”(p1) and have, ..“As of the Petition Date, the Debtors, through EEHC, Inc. (“EEHC”) had
approximately 72 full-time, 2 part-time, and 2 “as needed” employees (collectively, the  “Employees”).” (p.3)

I suppose you owners could find another company to do your payroll and other bookkeeping, since Church Street Health Management is a bit pricey:

…“As of the Petition Date, the Debtors had aggregate assets (at book value)
and liabilities on a consolidated, unaudited basis of approximately $895,300,000 and approximately $303,400,000, respectively”… (wow, wonder what those “assets” are…  office furniture?  That’s some expensive ass office furniture!

…“For the fiscal year ended December 31, 2011, the Debtors had contractual revenues of approximately $138,600,000 ($28,200,000 collectible) and incurred a positive change in net assets of approximately $101,000,000 (of which $110,400,000 is uncollectible revenue.”…

That’s 2,068,657 that each 67 “independently owned” clinics pay CSHM for their “management” service each year. 

Evidently they suck at it too..have you seen the amount they are in debt?  $303,400,000 million…and counting.

That’s just in the five years they have been managing your dental clinics. CSHM paid the DeRose family $435,000,000 to …  umm…  uh…  well, I guess they paid the DeRose family $435,000,000 to have the opportunity to manage dental clinics…of which they knew absolutely nothing about. 

Makes a person scratch his head on why some Bahrainian prince would jump in bed with the Carlyle Group and get into dental clinic management doesn’t it. 

So, to all you Small Smiles Dental Center “owners” out there, maybe it’s time to SELL! SELL! SELL!


Randall Ellis, DDS – 6 Colorado clinics and 1 Nebraska
Riki Lambert, DMD and Randy Ellis, DDS– Boise, ID
Zane Palmer, DDS – Boise, ID (he may have given is clinic away too..or sold it, but there should be a record of that sale, or tax a1099!)
Karen Chu, DDS – 2 Arizona clinics (there were three, I guess “she” closed one down, you can’t draw unemployment if it’s your own business, right?)
Monica Switzer, DDS – 2 Oklahoma clinics (she too had three but closed one)
Frank Blacknall, DDS – Kansas City, KS (he might have just given his clinic away.)
Tom Corcoran, DDS – Topeka, KS (I think Tom may have just gave his clinic to Dr. William Nash in Jan. 31, 2011, he might have sold it, if so, I’m sure there is a record of the sale. NOT!)
Mohamand Reza Akbar, DDS Wichita, KS (he may have given his clinic away too and decided to just fee-split instead)
Gloria King, DDS – 8 Texas clinics, while Gloria King actually lives in New Mexico

Patricia Nicklas, DDS and Medrina Gilliam, DDS – 6 clinics in South Carolina. (Patricia gave her Ohio clinics to Olivia Croom., DDS)
Kevin Kingry, DMD – 2 Alabama clinics (However, as much as he would like to deny it, as of 12-14-2011, Dr. Robert Andrus is President of the Montgomery and Dothan clinics, so he and Kevin may have an argument on who owns those clinics.)
Todd Bjur, DDS and Dan Spears, DDS – 4 Georgia clinis

Katherine (Katie) Petersen, DDS – 5 Indiana clinics
Jodi Kuhn, DDS and Olivia Croom, DDS – 6 Ohio clinics (Dr. Croom must have closed her Toledo clinics, can she draw unemployment, I don’t think so!)
Jodi Kuhn, DDS – 1 Kentucky clinic

Mukunda Dogiparthi, DDS – 1 New Hampshire clinis
Bonnie Mora, DDS – 2 Connecticut clinics
Mareen George, DMD and Yogita Kanorwalla, DMD – 7 Massachusetts clinics
Toni Adderly, DDS – 2 DC clinics
LaTanya Gallon O’Neal, DDS – 3 Virginia clinics
Shalini Ahuja, DDS – 1 New York center in Albany
Koury Bonds, DDS – 2 New York clinics

Of course none of this makes sense.  Because it’s a lie.  The above dentists don’t own their assigned Small Smiles Dental Clinics. They are simply willing to put the welfare of their families at great risk, by being stupid enough to lie on documents, depositions, and various other legal documents, which are under “penalty of perjury” I might add. Including the Affidavit of Martin McGahan filed in Middle Tennessee Federal District Court Bankruptcy Division.


How the Scam Works