Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dr. Todd Bjur–Savannah Fake Dental Center Owner

Nothing brings me greater pleasure much more than when Church Street Heath Management puts one of their "fake owner" dentists on TV. I dare someone to ask him if he really owns his Small Smiles dental clinic and if he practices dentistry with the patients interest in mind, or Arcapita Bank's best interest in mind.

According to documents filed with the Georgia Secretary of State, Dr. William Nash, DDS is the CEO, Dr. Danial Spears, DDS is CFO and Dr. Todd Bjur is Secretary.  In reality none of these guys own this clinic or any other in Georgia but receive $1250 each pay period for allowing his name to be used on state business forms.  Forms, likely he didn't even sign but were rubber stamped with his signature.  He and Dr. Danial Spears were both paid this amount. It's a mystery why Dr. William Nash would put his name on these documents

Watch this at WSAV Savannah GA