Saturday, October 20, 2012

Representative Lois Kolkhorst tips hat to those reporting on the dental Medicaid fraud in Texas

Dedicated to all those who are not deterred from speaking out

During a Texas Public Health committee meeting on October 15, 2012, committee Chair Rep. Lois Kolkhorst, tipped her hat to the public, for speaking out about the massive amount of dental Medicaid fraud taking place in Texas.

“…This wasn’t a huge issue on this committee or others would have maybe been a little more privy to it—it took a lot of news reporting for us to really, and thank goodness for the Bill of Rights, because that’s really what brought it to a head, “ s

“…I want to tip my hat to Channel 8 and WFAA in Dallas, certainly the Texas Tribune has given this a lot of coverage…”

Without the public and company insiders speaking out, without Mr. Harris at WFAA, listening, Representative Kolkhorst and the Public Health committee would still be in the dark.. And I suspect the Texas Inspector General and Attorney General’s office would still be turning a blind eye to the red flags they found in 2008.

However, since Richard Malouf -  under fraud investigation himself - filed a SLAPP lawsuit last week against WFAA TV; investigative reporter, Byron Harris; Mary C. Jones and his neighbor, Laura Wilson, I’m guessing he’s not as appreciative of the “reporting” and our “Bill of Rights.” 

Note, Rep. Kolkhorst said it took a “lot of news reporting” to get their attention. So don’t quit; keep blowing those whistles and beating your drums. Don’t be intimidated by even the sleaziest of those who may try to twist the truth.

On a side note: I don’t live in Texas and I don’t have a clue who Lois Kolkhorst is. But I would vote for her over the two loons we have running for President based on the October 15, 2012 hearing alone.

Go Lois!