Friday, October 26, 2012

Texas DentaQuest–3 and 4 surface restoration reimbursement–Up. General anesthesia and IV sedation reimbursement–Up

Texas Stakeholders Meeting – October 26, 2012

Fee Changes by DentaQuest:

3 and 4 surface fillings are up, some more than double. For instance 4 surface amalgam's up from $60.02 to $125, 4 surface composites $75.06 to $135 – effective September 1, 2012.

Being the cynic I am, is this to make up the difference if it is finally decided stainless steel crowns have to be pre-approved?

Is to help keep the fraudsters stay out of hot water and still in the dough? Stainless steel crowns are $153, now 4 four surface amalgams just slightly less, where before they were dang near $100 less.

The sedation fees disturb me a slight bit. Of course none of it would disturb me if not for the lack of regard of children’s health and wellbeing these days.

Effective October 1, 2012 -

D9220 – General Anesthesia was $85.75 now, $125 first 30 min.
D9920 – GA each additional 15 min, was $30.63, now, $35.00

D9230 – Nitrous Oxide – NO CHANGE

D9241 – IV-Sedation was $119.44, now up slightly to $125 for the first 30 minutes.
D9242 – IV – Sedation was $28.44, now up slightly to $35 for each addition 15 min.

D9248 – Non- IV Sedation was $183.75, huge drop to $125.00.

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