Thursday, January 24, 2013

Joseph Bernat, DDS now associated with two dental organization nailed for Medicaid fraud.

New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman released a statement this week saying the state had recovered $335M in Medicaid that has been fraudulently obtained in 2012. 

The part I found interesting was the dental, of course.  Media outlets are reporting $1.6 million recovered from Kaleida Health’s – Buffalo Women’s and Children's Hospital Dental Clinic.

From WGRZ:


The state also recovered $1.6 million for excess Medicaid payments on claims for dental services provided by Kaleida Health through the Buffalo Women's & Children's Hospital Dental Clinic.


“Kaleida” and “Buffalo” rang a bell. Then I did some checking, and low and behold there it was: Dr. Joseph Bernat, DDS – Chair and Program Director of Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo.


Chair - Director - Bernat







Amazingly, Dr. Joseph Bernat, DDS — who is was so highly respected; who supposedly carries such influence — now has two organization nailed for Medicaid Fraud under his belt: Small Smiles Dental Centers in 2010 and Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo in 2012.

Way To Go, Dr. Bernat!!


Dr. Joseph Bernat

Dr. Joseph Bernat serves on the Small Smiles Dental Clinic’s Pediatric Dental Advisory Board, along with Dr. Paul Casamassimo, Dr. Arthur Nowak and Dr. Anupama Tate.

Bernat has also held several positions within the AAPD including being a member of the Board of Trustees, [trustee.. now that word along with AAPD makes me wanna puke, frankly] as well as Chair some of it’s committees such as Council on Post-Doctoral Education.

Press Release from the NY Attorney General’s office