Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kool Smiles–NCDR, LLC still mistreating children according to parents complaints

Kool Smiles continues its dirty practices and children still suffer the previous trauma this company brought to millions of children over the last 9 years  according to posts over on Topix.


That’s a long time for authorities and dental boards to allow this.  How can any of them explain their lack of action?  I have to assume they think it’s OK.  What a screw up way of thinking!   


Wednesday January 23, 2013 - Be very leery about fraudulent diagnosis from this office. This facility is only interested in taking advantage of low-income families who have access to Hoosier HeathWise and/or Medicaid ... preying on the fact that most of these parents will not question any diagnosis given; ultimately, this facility is billing the government for services NOT needed.

My personal experience:
First of all, parents are not allowed in the back (a BIG red flag), nor shown x-rays, nor consulted in any way. Took my son to this dentist and was "told" that he had FIVE cavities (mind you, I was never shown his x-rays). The office tried to keep us there to do the fillings right then and there. I had an extremely uneasy feeling; therefore, I declined, and stated that I would schedule another time.

We have since consulted another pediatric dentist. Imagine my surprise being told that my son had NO cavities. None. Zero. Zilch. In fact, they told me that he had done an exceptional job keeping his teeth clean and healthy.

My recommendation: Do NOT give your business to a fraudulent business such as Kool Smiles in Terre Haute. Any facility taking advantage of low-income families and the Indiana state government should be audited and shut down for fraudulent business practices.

Tuesday January 15, 2013 - My daughter went to Kool Smiles when she was four for fillings. They put her in a straight jacket and she screamed until her nose bled.

She is now Seven years and I was just now able to get her to go to a dentist. Her teeth were in desperate need of care. I totally blame them for the condition of her teeth!

Screen shot from Topix: