Thursday, March 07, 2013

Gorillas in the dental operatory says Casamassimo; I agree

On March 6, 2013 Dr. Paul Casamassimo published an article on Dr. Bicuspid -  “Second Opinion:  Gorillas in the dental operatory” 

I know thousands of children who have seen dentists in clinics of which he was closely associated who would damn well agree!  Big Ole Gorillas! Big – Mean – Nasty - Cruel - Gorillas!

The whole article was a lot of mumbo jumbo BS.  Leaving the mind wondering exactly what “state” his was in.  But mostly it was about “more”, as usual.  “More” is always the theme.

“Medicaid expansion without reimbursement increases may simply just put more people in cars and on the phone searching for dental care.”

Well, that’s where we’ve been the last umpteen times it’s expanded, right?  It should give you more PPP – Production Per Patient opportunities!

“The proposed increase in dental schools and new workforce models carry with them the specter of educational debt and the likelihood that these providers will be reluctant to serve the poor.”

More schools, more student debt, more dentists, …I can only see more whining, crying, boo hoo’ing and bellowing   There aren’t enough mouths to keep dentists financially secure now, to hear many tell it. On the other hand others live quite nicely…

As it is, dentists are fighting over who can get the reimbursement for a tooth first; Medicaid or private.  A virgin tooth is on the endangered species list and worth a small fortune.

That term he used, “new workforce models” was scary!  Wished he had elaborated more other than just using such a catchy term. 

“The dental profession may be ill-prepared to take on additional newly insured children under the ACA, not only because of the financial inadequacies in reimbursement, but because of social factors that tend to permeate many health-related behaviors, not just oral health. Repeated surveys of dentists caring for Medicaid clients include "patient characteristics" in the top three reasons provided for lack of their participation. Despite that, reimbursement for care-management costs related to oral health to agencies or providers remains spotty at best.”


I take it when the day comes every American is on government funded healthcare we will all be seen as misfits, we will all be “the poor”.  Hell, 99% are, right?  We will all have those much despised “patient characteristic” he speaks about, right? Whether we actually are or not seems to not matter, as long as someone like Dr. C says it’s so, it must be true.

Does everyone hate the poor? We hear it a lot from the dental community.

“The poor are this… and the poor are that… and they break appointments… and they don’t smell good…despite hating every fiber of your being we want you guys as patients in a bad way, so come on in…new patients welcome”

Is care of the patient the real desire or the tax dollars those nasty poor people can make available? 

A big ole “ATTITUDE  AJUSTMENT” on the part those with DDS slapped on their last name is what I say is needed!

I guarantee you there are more teeth destroyed in this nation every day from misfit, greedy, unethical dentists, than are damaged by diet, lack of hygiene or fist fights.

What a jerk!

You can read his whole article here.