Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Indianapolis dentist Dr. Arnel Gallanosa

Indianapolis dentist, Dr. Arnel J. Gallanosa, DDS, faced charges of Medicaid fraud in January 2012

While on probation for stealing Vicodin prescription, Marion County Prosecuting Attorney charged Dr. Gallanona  on 10 counts of Medicaid fraud, five counts of theft and three counts of conspiracy to commit Medicaid fraud.

A court affidavit claimed that Gallanosa offered patients money for accepting free dental work, then billed Indiana's Medicaid program.

In one instance, Gallanosa paid a man who recruited three dental patients from an Indianapolis mental health facility, the Marion County Prosecutor's Office said.

Prosecutors said in one day, he removed 33 teeth from the three patients.

Dr. Gallanosa worked for ImmediaDent, owned by James Ferrell of Ferrell Gas – Blu Rhio Propane

So what happened to Dr. Gallanosa, was he taken off the streets?  Nope!  He went right back to work. It’s my understand he was not to treat Medicaid patients but he worked in a clinic that did…so….  It’s possible, just possible he saw Medicaid patients and it was billed under another dentists name, know what I mean?

Dr. Gallanosa was before the Indiana Dental Board at it’s February 1, 2013 meeting, and asked just these questions. After some tough questions, Dr. G finally admitted he was working in Evansville, Indiana and was indeed treating Medicaid patients.  One board member was furious and wanted his license revoked.  The rest, well… they wanted to investigate it further!!  What’s to investigate?! 

An administrative meeting was held on February 13, 2013 to address Dr. Gallanosa’s misdeeds, the outcome is unknown.

Arnel J. Gallanosa, D.D.S., License No. 12009962A
Administrative Cause No. 2012 ISBD 0004