Saturday, March 01, 2014

Houston dentist, Behzad Nazari, and Antoine Dental to remain on 100% “pay hold” due to fraud investigation

UDATED 03-03-2014

The scammers running the Texas Dentists for Medicaid Fraud Reform (TDMR) website have boasted time and time again, over rulings made against Texas taxpayers and for Antoine Dental. Heck, they have a whole section of their website devoted to their “wins”. They have also had their cronies on this website, commenting about how they are winning their cause; which appears to be “Let us continue to defraud taxpayers.” Frankly, I think their name should be “Friends of Dental Medicaid Fraud”. I’m not sure what they consider a “win”. Apparently, it’s not what you and I call a “win”. Their headlines over there are outright false! So imagine the bullshit contained within! I especially love their comment section, entitled “Speak Your Mind”, amazingly what is on my mind doesn’t seem to make it, maybe yours will. Click here.

On November 5, 2013 their headline read, “OIG Loses Another Medicaid Fraud Court Battle an article they were happy to assist with in the Texas Tribune.

(Battle, yes, WAR, NO!)

Then on November 6, 2013 their headline read – Antoine Dental Center Innocent of All OIG Allegations of Fraud and Misrepresentation.

(This is especially galling, since it is an outright lie! Lie!!! Lie!!)

Again, on January 17, 2014—SOAH Judges Again Reject OIG Arguments in Antoine Dental Case


Today, what’s missing from their website is the headline of this blog post;or something close to it.

It appears the Applet Court and Judge Rick Gilpin disagreed 100% with all other rulings in the Antoine defraud Texas taxpayers case. He issued a “Final Order” on Friday (February 28,2014) that walked through this case and all the hearings and ruling step by step and ruled completely opposite of all other rulings—Antoine Dental to remain on 100% pay hold.

You don’t want to miss reading the Final Order. He all but called them all, Antoine owner, Dr. Nazari—including the Administrative Law Judges—criminals and at the best—imbeciles. You read it and decide.

So how could this happen. Two courts, presented with the same set of facts, and come to completely different conclusions? I suspect it has to do with opposite ends of the “integrity” yardstick.

Maybe it has to do with corruption. After all, TDMR’s “Latest News” on their website is about the recent arrest of a Texas Medicaid Fraud Analyst—Ihenacho Nnadi— who was arrested for bribery last week. I wonder if Nnadi is a good friend of the folks behind TDMR or Antoine Dental, Harlingen Dental, Dr. Juan Villarreal and Dr. Richard Malouf?

Antoine Dental Care Final Order 02-28-2014


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Antoine Dental Care Final Order 2-28-14

UPDATE 03-03-2014

Not a word about the Antoine Dental Center ruling. Today’s headline at TDMR is about Texas HHSC retiring attorney, Steve Aragon;which they devoted 4 short paragraphs and a link; it’s really not their story. What the hell is wrong over there. The ruling Friday on Antoine Dental Center is off the chart big time news!

TDMR headline 03-03-2014