Friday, December 19, 2014

Blasts from the past much like today penalties for Medicaid Fraud? No today the fraud is worse and penalties even less.

December - Three Omaha Nebraska dentists plead innocent on fraud charges stemming from a 6 month investigation of the Douglas County Medicaid program. 

After their arrest, Dr. Leon E. Fellman (six counts), Dr. Stanley F. Galaska (five counts) and Dr. William V. Harrison (three counts) were released on $500 bond. Reports said the three would likely be tried early next year. Each count carried a prison sentence of 5 years.

That was December 1969!

The Lincoln Star Tue, October 21, 1969 pg. 1
Ohmaha charges of 3 dentists 3

Lincoln Evening Journal Tue, December 9, 1969 pg.51
Ohmaha charges of 3 dentists

Fast forward nearly 4 years.

All three were found guilty of the felonies in District Court and placed on probation. After hearings in November 1972, Henry Smith—State Health Director—suspended Dr. Stanley Galaska license for a mere 20 days while suspending Dr. William Harrison’s license a mere 25 days.  Dr. Leon Fellman surrendered his license for 6 months. Only the attorneys for the defendants and Gary Snowden, attorney for the state health department, were present. The State Board of Examiner were then notified of the suspensions.

Dr. B. J. J. Moran, a member of the State Health Board and former president of the Nebraska Dental Association said the disciplinary actions taken “seemed inadequate… based on the information on the case.”

All three had their convictions nullified and civil rights restored based on a 1969 Kansas law.

Lincoln Evening Journal – Thu, April 26, 1973, pg.15
Ohmaha charges of 3 dentists 2

Imagine what Dr. Moran would have to say about today’s actions!