Tuesday, December 02, 2014

What’s in a name: NCDR and CSHM rebranding

NCDR, LLC (Kool Smiles) can become Benevis, and CSHM (Small Smiles) can become First Quality Management (FQM) but the people are the same, the service is the same and the business model is the same.

  It would be interesting to hear from Adam Ditto, who has been with them all:

FORBA>CSHM>FQM (Small Smiles now “fill in the blank Smiles Youth Dentistry)

Hero Management  (Adventure Dental and Vision, taking over at least some of the old Small Smiles)

NCDR>Benevis (Kool Smiles and Resolution Dental)

Adam Ditto








What secrets does Adam Ditto hold?