Sunday, January 08, 2017

Aspen Dental Complaints Top $1.7M in “Claimed Losses” by Consumers

One would think Aspen Dental would have cleaned up their act after it was one of the chain clinics featured on FRONTLINE’s Dollars and Dentist in 2012.  However, over at complaints about the horrible dental care, upcharging and down right fraud from patients continues to grow—now topping 2,000 (the additional “me too” comments to the posted complaints is off the charts). In addition, patient “claimed losses” is nearing the $2M mark. With the average loss: $3, 300 each. (personally I would say it is much more than this). Out of all the complaints only a pitiful 10 (yes, just 10!) are reported as “resolved”. Frankly, I’m shocked 10 are reported.

Aspen Dental Complaints