Friday, January 20, 2017

MB2 Dental Solutions Alaska Operations

After the settlement with MB2 Dental Solutions and Chris Villanueva, DDS et. al. I noticed a couple of states not mentioned: Alaska and Tennessee. Well, you can guess what happened then—I just had to see how much they continued to expand their business model while under investigation. What I found in Alaska was at least 3 dental clinics and 1 real estate company.

Let’s begin.

1. Frost Dental-Anchorage
3024 Mountain View Dr, Suite 107frost dental-anchorage-email(2)
Anchorage, AK 99501
Gentry Toone, DDS

This one was formed in May of 2016. The NPI record for Frost Dental-Anchorage states Mary Pu is VP of Finance and the mailing address is…wait for it…wait for it…2403 Lacy Ln, Carrollton, TX.  I know, right! You thought what I did—that’s the same address as MB2! Did you notice the email address, Remember, Mary Pu is Trung Tang’s wife. Tang being a major player—and classmate—of Villanueva.

2. True North Family Dental
3708 Rhone Circle
Anchorage, AK 99508
Gentry Toone, DDS





True North used to be owned Charles Michael Sage, DDS, Sr. under the shingle of Alaska Center for Dentistry Anchorage, until he retired in 2014.  His son, Charles Michael Sage, DDS, Jr. operated Alaska Center for Dentistry in Wasilla until he turned it over to MB2 cohorts. C. Michael Sage, DDS, Jr continues to see patients at both clinics according to the 151226 mb2 -new mngt-Gentry Toone-anchorage locationrespective websites.

True North Family Dental is owned by South Anchorage Family Dentistry, LLC, mailing address is that of MB2 in Carrollton, Texas.

South Anchorage Family Dental is supposedly owned by Gentry Toone, mailing address is that of MB2. Justin Puckett is the Organizer, with documents filed by one Mary Pu.

Whether MB2 owns Alaska Center for Dentistry Anchorage in Wasilla, is unclear. However, the two associate dentists working at the Wasilla location are husband and wife with ties to Texas. In addition, MB2 operated Sage Dental clinics, so who knows. Just between you and me, I say “yes”.

Did you note the email address for True North Family Dental?

3. Frost Dental-Fairbanks
Gentry Toone, DDS

This company, was originally formed in 2014 by Mary Pu and stated Gentry Toone was 100% owner. It was dissolved in April 2016, reason stated “it never opened”. However, it was refiled by Mary Pu in December 2016 (last month) and has now obtained an NPI number. The NPI record states Mary Pu is the Vice President of Finance. The physical address is that 161206 frost dental npiof Craig O’Donoghue Advanced Family Dental d/b/a Craig O’Donoghue Smiles Artistry. Something tells me the deal went south between the Texas bunch and Dr. O’Donoghue back in 2014. Who knows it may go south, really south, once again.







Mooseknucks, LLC
3708 Rhone Circle
Anchorage, AK
Mail address: 2403 Lacy Lane, Carrollton, TX
Chris Villanueva 31%
Gentry Toone, DDS 31%
Jonathan McCauley 31%
Justin Pucket 7%
Organizer: Mary Pu
Organized: May 6, 2016

MooseKnucks, LLC says it’s a company related to “Other Activites Related to Real Estate”. On May 24, 2016 they dissolved this entity and refiled with the same name giving Justin Pucket 50% and Gentry Toone 50%. I guess they realized the error of their ways slapping Villanueva’s name all over it. mooseknuck-members






Double Oops!

imageBy now you may be asking yourself, who is Gentry J. Toone, DDS?  Well, he used to work for MB2’s Element Dental in Tomball, Texas. So, either he is a loyal and highly trusted subject or he was shipped to Alaska much like being sent to Siberia.

So how much fraud is taking place at MB2 Dental Solution’s Alaska operations? Maybe someone should check, ya think?