Friday, March 19, 2010

Big Red Bookshelf Align With Controversial Dental Clinic; Small Smiles

I don’t understand why communities keep opening their arms to Small Smiles.  Until they are rejected they will continue to slither through communities spreading abuse to the most innocent of Americans, the children.  That’s my opinion anyway.
A few weeks ago I noticed I kept having this person from Ithaca, NY spending lots of time on the site.  Well, just this week the name of this city in NY has popped up twice.  One directly related to FORBA’s Small Smiles and another time, more indirectly.
The more indirect is from Greenville, SC who is trying to get books to children in low income parts of the community.  The project is called “Bright Red Bookshelf”.
Leadership Greenville Class 36 is assisting Ready 4 Reading in launching the Bright Red Bookshelf program.  (pretty confusing isn’t it, like why so many organizations?)
A big dedication ceremony for the launch of the program is set for March 24th and the very first “bookshelf” will be dedicated at…  Drum roll please…  Small Smiles Dental Clinic!
What on earth is wrong with Leadership Greenville’s head, Flavie Harton?  I realize money is being thrown at them.  But it coming from  FORBA, that money is from the blood, sweat, puke, and rivers of tears from tiny children. 
In this program, Bright Red Bookshelves are place in public waiting location…and the very first one for Greenville, SC is in Small Smiles waiting room. 
Dr. Sara Mansbach, executive director of Ready 4 Reading said many more sites are needed.  “The challenge is to find community partners that will adopt a bookshelf on an ongoing basis and continue to restock them with gently used books.”
One thing we know for sure, is that ‘reading’ is NOT something FORBA’s Small Smiles heads support.  ie.. the consent to tie up my child even though it might lead to death form they pressure parents to sign.
So what does this have to do with Ithaca, NY.  Well, The Bright Red Bookshelf” originated in Ithaca, NY by the Family Reading Partnership.
Now the second time Ithaca has come up this week is what I shall now deem, the Big Red List, the much anticipated list of professionals who associate themselves with FORBA’s Small Smiles clinics.

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Anonymous said...

Those of us that know the true goings on of FORBA Small Smiles know that all that is on this website is TRUE. We also know that FORBA is trying to do damage control and reaching out to the community and try to appear like they care about kids. The only thing they care about is the money. Every morning we had little meetings to jump down our throats because we didn't get enough kids to stay and get work done after having their cleanings done. Well if they didn't need work then why bring them to the operative side. Reason? MONEY!! When is the public going to really see this. How many kids do they have to abuse before the public realizes it is only FORBA's greed that FORBA cares about. Is it going to take the death of another child to open the eyes of the public? I hope not. It is bad enough that these kids ARE TRAUMATIZED after going to Small Smiles. They pee themselves from fear and threats. They sob uncontrollably and the whole time the parent sits in the lobby thinking their child is being well taken care of. WAKE UP PEOPLE PLEASE!!! It's time parents fight back for their little ones that can't explain the real horrors that go on behind closed doors.