Monday, March 08, 2010

Small Smiles Promo At Day Care Center

On February 6, 2010 a Small Smiles dental assistant, from the Mahoning Ave. clinic visited the kids at Poland Boardman Child Care Center in Youngstown, OH which on the surface seems completely innocent, right?  

The kids made hats that looked like smiles (small smiles I would guess), and some made hats that looked like toothbrushes.

According to the article, "students were told to brush twice a day, singing the ABC song twice to ensure two minuted of brushing".

There are two things that disturb me here.  The first is the children with their fingers in their mouths pretending to bush their teeth (wonder if they washed their hands first).  

The second thing is depicted in the picture here.  A close up of the picture shows nothing but pictures of the Small Smiles clinic, inside and out, pictures of the staff, and rooms of the clinic with toys and mascots.  They even brought the stuffed mascot with them to the presentation.  On this board there is NOTHING about the care of your teeth.  

Honestly this looks more like a board meeting at an advertising agency, presenting their idea's for advertising to FORBA executives.  Clearly this is NOT about teaching the children how to brush their teeth and keep them healthy because way too much Small Smiles promotion was presented.

(photo by Shaiyla Hakeem)

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