Monday, March 01, 2010

FORBA's Arizona Clinic's Not Doing So Well

Today I've been looking into all the dentists who are or have been connected with FORBA clinics.  Although I have a long way to go, Arizona isn't looking very good.  Five (5) of the 12 I've looked at have either been sanctioned or have had complaints against them.

Tuscon's clinic is Children's Dental Clinic of Tucson, LLC and it's licenses for dentistry is F27, issued 11-28-2007

There is a clinic in Phoenix Children's Medicaid Dental Clinic, PC and it's licenses for dentistry is F124.  It's licenses expired almost 2 years ago. 

 Here's the list of dentists who are or have been associated with FORBA clinics in Arizona:

Dr. Robert F. Andrus #7206
Dr. Amy E. Ash #5741-Dr. Ash seems to have decided Small Smiles wasn't for her.  She went back to school to become a 'real' pediatric dentist and went to work for a more reputable clinic.  Clearly she stood back assessed the business and decided the Small Smiles way, wasn't for her.  She became part of the solution, not part of the problem.
Dr. Mark T. Kelly #7183
Dr. Douglas Kerr #6332
Dr. Kenneth E. Knott #5318
Dr. Garrett Lum #7004
Dr. Navreet B. Kaur Luthera #6676
Dr. Mardelle R. Petersen #3591
Dr. Quentin L. Shaw #4764  (he's lic is a bit odd, says he was first licensed in 1997, but graduated in 1981.

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