Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dr. Roy Shelburne's Warning To Dentist After His Release From Prison

Dr. Roy Shelburne was convicted on Medicaid Fraud charges in 2008.  Here, Dr. Shelburne, released from prison in May 2010, warns dentists.(Interview by Kevin Henry)

  • If you work for a dental mill, do you know exactly what was billed by the Office Manager or Corporate after that file left your hands? 
  • Did they change your files, did they change your treatment plan? 
  • Are the details of what you did and WHY you did it well documented? 
  • Do you review your files to see that no one has altered your patients files, you should! 
  • Do you use a portable voice recorder after seeing patients to keep a record of your treatment? 
  • Do you think the corporate heads really have your best interest in mind? They do NOT!