Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Has Jason Owen Quit, Been Fired or None of The Above?

Did Jason Owen quit or give his notice?   Probably neither. 

There is a new ad out for a Regional Manager in Atlanta.  Maybe he is about to be replaced and just does not know it yet.  As with the Ohio ad, they need this new person because they have "growth plans".  Mmmm....Ok, whatever.  
Jason Owen

It was my understand that Jason Owen was/is in the process of finalizing the "Bait and Switch" contract FORBA is giving serious consideration implementing.  

Maybe Jason is moving on up in the Corporation, he is a real go getter.  Not so kid friendly though.  Reports of him having a melt down on sorts in an AZ clinic because the kids in the waiting room were too rowdy.  

He should hang around for their time in the operatory!  

While I am here, now is as good a time as any to bring a bit more of Jason to light.

Jason Owen -
DOB - May 16

Education - MBA in Finance from Georgia State University 2000Georgia Southern University 1995
Brookwood High School 1991
Parents - Jerry and June
Married - Wife Debbie Ritzler Owen - (DOB August 31)on April 17, 2004 in Maryland where they wre           living.
                 Debby -
                 Former banker in NYC where her and Jason met.
                 Parents - Pete and Jane-Divorced
                 Brothers - Tom - chef and Dan - land steward in Mashomack
                 Sister - name unknown
                 Marathon runner, loves gardening.
Children - 3 (1 girl from former relationship and twins with Debby.  Twins born 2006.
Brother - Brandon  
Pets - Scout and Brooklyn
Illness - Crohn's Disease - had surgery in February 2009 at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN
Moved to Atlanta in February 2007 
Employment - Sun Trust Bank, Atlanta GA  1995-1998
                         Hanger Orthopedic, VP and Treasurer June 1998-November 2007 (9+ years)
                         FORBA Holding SVP Regional Operations - November 2007 to Present
Friends - Thinks he and wife, Debby are besties with Michael and Nina Lindley.
Other Housing - Jason has an apartment in Nashville for he and/or the family to stay in when he's working at the Corporate office.