Thursday, August 05, 2010

Inlaws of Small Smiles Regional Director, Jason Owen, Issues Threat?

I believe I have been threatened by relatives of Debby Owen, Jason Owen's wife.  This comment was posted on the entry about Jason and whether he's quit or not.  The IP is from East Hampton, New York, 13 miles from Shelter Island, New York-home of Debby's family. Read it and you decide.
Mike Lindley, what do you think?  Al Green, how about you?  Dangerous bunch or no?
Nothing but class for FORBA, right?
Brandon <> (unregistered) wrote:
you are such a loser! since you don't have the balls to take on the government, who runs the medicaid program, you attack private citizens and blast their personal info on the internet. If your problem is with the dentistry, that is one thing. But to blather on pointlessly, about a man doing his job is absurd! If you think these kids are treated "unfairly" get used to it, it's called Obamacare and we all HAVE to have it, as far as I know, no one is ordering you under IRS penalty to take your kids here. It's just like any other government program, best service at the cheapest price. What next, are you going to bitch about no Swiss or Gouda Government Cheese and how the farmers are to blame? I appreciate you are trying to make things better, but picking on the underlings is cheap and petty, call Washington, call your politician, talk to them about your demands, but infiltrating someone's personal life to show what a dirt-bag you can be is very unbecoming. 
It won't be so cool when maybe someone who doens't agree with you or your beliefs, finds your info and shows up on your front porch one dark dreary night to discuss their disapproval of your life choices. Do unto others... Karma's a BITCH!  [
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I'm guessing Jason will be called on the carpet tomorrow...

That Karma thing is something I'm counting on.   Hook 'em and Cook 'em.


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Date: 08/06/10 15:57:26
Subject: [dentistthemenace] Re: Inlaws of Small Smiles Regional Director, Jason Owen, Issues Threat?
Brandon <> (unregistered) wrote:
I don't care about your bullshit blog, or anything you have against any company. I have a problem with YOU putting MY name out there. I feel THAT is a DIRECT THREAT to me and my families safety and security you self-righteous bitch! I assure you that all your complaints bother me, not until YOU put MY NAME on your blog did i even know what FORBA was, so don't tie my comments into some way to try and get another man fired. I'm a big boy and I stand behind my words! This is between you and the medicaid dentistry program... KEEP MY NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH AND OFF YOUR BLOG AND WE WON'T HAVE PROBLEMS!
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One thing for sure, the author what's this to be seen so that is what I've done.  If they wanted it private and didn't want everyone to see it, they would have sent an email.

 Just call me, Karma. 

I want to say here it was apparent that Jason and Debby wanted anyone in the world to read their lovely family blog.  Everyone, but me that is...  

Let this be a warning to all.  Not everyone likes you!