Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ads For Executives Reflect Corporate Ownership of Small Smiles Clinics

You can't read this, but it's a posting for a job with FORBA, [clearing throat]I mean Church Street Heath Management. [The link will take you to the job posting]

The job ads published by these dental mills have always been such a great source of information, inspiration and my bloviation. 

CSHM is looking for a SVP, Operations.  Remember what I told everyone about those corporate titles.  Be careful!  Actually you should "beware".  To be considered an "executive" of a company can open yourself up to things beyond your wildest imagination. 

This particular ad, [there is one for the Boston area as well] makes it crystal clear Small Smiles dental clinics are owned by Church Street Health Management a/k/a FORBA a/k/Small Smiles, whether the individual state business filings include the name of a dentist or not. 

There is not one word in this whole ad about working with 'owners' or 'franchisees' or any other such term. 

It talks about "managing "Lead Dentists and other employees, that's it! 

The only time you will hear the word "dentists owned"  or "owners" is when one of their many representatives are speaking is in front of a legislative body, lying like a dog, or at corporate headquarters when someone is referring to the "owner signature rubber stamps". They keep the rubber stamps at headquarters to use on all kinds of documents they file. 

If you are one of these "rubber stamp owners", have you ever wondered exactly what they filed and stamp your approval signature too? 2011-1-13 20-12 

Here is a fantastic question:

How does one "build patient productivity"?  

Pretty ballsy to admit to it.