Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Patients Loose Thousands Due To Allcare Dental Sudden Closing


Tens of thousands of patients are extremely upset tonight as they have lost hundreds of thousands by the sudden, unexpected closing of Allcare Dental.

Patients showed up at Allcare dental centers across the country this week only to find the doors locked.  A phone call to the company returned nothing but a busy signal.

Patients are furious and have been told that unless Allcare were to file bankruptcy it is unlikely they will recover their money.

Allcare Dental and Dentures' Better Business Bureau rating had dropped to a D- in the last few months. 

Heck, that's nothing, FORBA Holding and it's Small Smiles Dental Centers rate F. 

This is why you never pay for services until rendered and another example on why these drive thru dental and denture clinics must NOT be allowed.  State dental boards must get off their tuchus and enforce the laws on the books.  The laws are there for a reason, and this is one of them.