Sunday, January 09, 2011

Dental Sleep Medicine? What's Next, Vasectomies and Tonsillectomies?

I've been thinking today and when that happens it usually doesn't turn out well.
I got to thinking about all the procedures dentists are now allowed to perform. 
townietop50corpdent11311I was reading the Top 50 Game Changers over at Dental Town and Corporate Dentistry made the list, as did Sedation  and Sleep Medicine. 
Sleep Medicine?townietop5011311
How did we get from tooth and gum heath to cosmetic injections such as botox and other facial esthetics and now sleep medicine?
'Botox Dentist' even has a facebook page so it must be important, right.
And yes, like sedation dentistry, there is a quick seminar to teach everyone how to get it done.  You can even order up a training DVD.
But Dental Sleep Medicine?
Admittedly I don't keep up with all the disciplines being awarded in the world of dental medicine, but it's getting to the point the profession is going to have to come up with a different name. 

Knowing how wide the scope of dentistry is getting and the fact scientists have decided there is far too much fluoride in the drinking water makes one wonder, why. 
Fluoride has been used in the water since 1945, [66 years] but suddenly someone said it was causing problems and needed to be reduced.  Hmmm…
This brings me back to my thinking episode in asking my own self "why".
I'm thinking the fluoride in the water has really cut into the money aspect of it all.  To compensate for that, the powers that be, along with some serious arm twisting by "advocates" such as the AGD and AADSM, have decided to widen the scope of dentistry and increase the cavities count.
Probably some more of my wrong thinking, but at least I'm thinking.