Friday, August 12, 2011

Dentist trades drugs for sex

I’m not really sure who is the most disgusting, the dentist or the women.  Geez.

Boston Herald
August 12, 2011
Larue J. Sweet
A disgraced dentist who “lost everything” because he overprescribed prescription painkillers and anxiety medication to at least nine female patients in exchange for fondling their breasts and slapping their bottoms avoided prison but drew six months on house arrest at his sentencing yesterday.

“I left my staffers suddenly unemployed. I left my patients without care. My children are in counseling because of my actions. My grandchildren are embarrassed and have distanced themselves from me. I have lost everything,” Dr. Steven Miller, 69, of Wareham yesterday told U.S. District Court Judge George A. O’Toole Jr. in a breaking voice.


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