Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What should mom do?

Below is an email from the mom of the child who had 9 root canals done on Thursday at Kids Dental Place in Phoenix. Now what? The child is sick and traumatized.

Tuesday August 16, 2011

Hi Deb,
My son is not doing good he now has a fever of 102 since 6:30am.

My mother and I took him to the Phoenix Children's Hospital ER department and they did not do anything.

They wanted to strap him down to look in his mouth & I refused. I explained what happened to him & they could not careless.

I do not know what is going on with these doctors! This is horrible. The doctor just refused to help & so we left!

He said there is nothing he can do since my son won't open his mouth. I am so frustrated you have no idea! The doctor literally walked out on me & told me to go back to the dentist! Who the heck does that?!?!


August 16,2011

I just got out of his pediatrician office all he did was look in his mouth & see the inflammation & drooling and he already knew. He even called the hospital and asked what happened & gave them a piece of his mind!

He said those young residents don't know what they are doing & should never put a child thru that! His fever was 104!!!

He prescribed him antibiotics for the infection. Let's hope that helps. If not he might need an IV. I feel so helpless again!

Thank you for ur kind words & all ur helo u are such a life saver I don't know what I would do if I never found ur blog!