Friday, December 23, 2011

A concerned dentists writes about his worries, sadly they are directed to the wrong person.

Here is an email I received early this morning--December 23, 2011-from someone who spent all of 2 seconds on this blog.  He reports to be Dr. Glenn Krieger and from looking at my site stats, I have no reason to believe it’s not from Dr. Krieger.

Hey there.

I am a dentist of 20 years (general dentist).  I have a spot clean record and have even served on a peer review committee.

I just want to tell you that although I agree with what you are doing and why you are doing it, you are causing more harm than good. 

[Well, which is it, Dr. Krieger,  or is this your Carnegie sandwich methodology?  More harm, that good.  Hmmm….  You might want to look at your peers on that accusation. ]

There are certainly "bad apples" in dentistry and they should be removed, but scaring the general public with nasty adjective laden inflammatory obituaries is just plain wrong.

[Yes, Doc, there sure are some “bad apples”.  Do you have an estimate of just how many?  At least 2000 unqualified and/or are driven by corporate greed dentists preforming careless, reckless, and unnecessary procedures every day, and that’s a low ball number. 

No Sir, it is NOT wrong.  What is wrong is that no one else will tell it just like it is and not worry about all the political correct;soft spoken, sugar coated truths; that make it much easier for you to swallow. Can you tell me, Sir, just how many people died during dental procedures in from January 2010 to present?  If you can’t you need to be finding out!]

I have no bias or axe to grind, and I certainly have never sedated a patient to any deep level in my office, but I know literally thousands of dentists and dozens of oral surgeons. I would (and have) let them work on me. Of all of the dentists  I know, there is 1, yes 1 whom I do not trust and who works way outside of a comfort zone that I live within.  The vast, vast majority of dentists are competent and honest and work within their boundaries. And yes, unfortunately, eve the ones who do experience deaths or severely negative outcomes are usually working within a standard of care that is reasonable.

[That vast majority number that used to prevail, prevails no longer.  They are the minority.]

There is no way that you know better than me, but you're putting yourself out there as some sort of expert after a whole 3 years of gathering information.

[Seriously!  You guys are definitely feeling the pressure aren’t you? ] 

I know you won't stop doing what you're doing, and I know that you're not aware of all the damage you're doing. You're overzealous and defending the memory of some wonderful yet unfortunate children at the expense of destroying many good dental relationships and causing damage by scaring some people out of treatment they do, in fact need.

[You know  those “stages”? You are definitely in the “denial” stage, headed toward state two-anger.  There are a few more stages to go through and then you will arrive at acceptance.  I wish you well. ]

I simply felt the need to tell you what you already knew because I could not sit idly by and watch someone besmirch the reputation of a field that I, my father and my grandfather have been proud to be a part of.

Dr. Glenn Krieger, DDS, FAGD – Seattle Washington

[How arrogant of you to assume that “you know” what “I know”.   I hope that arrogance and passion you feel to take some action and not “sit idly by” is put to better use and you are compelled to pen a concerning letter to the ADA and other powers that be, about the degeneration of what once was an honorable profession.]

[Guess where the Drive-Thru Sedation program called DOCS is located?  Yep, Seattle, Washington! ]