Thursday, December 08, 2011

Small Smiles – Church Street Health Management restructuring

I’m hearing there are changes happening all over the place at CSHM.  I know none of this as fact, just rumors, but interesting rumors I must say.
1. Michael Lindley – Fired
2. Al Smith – Fired
3. Todd Cruse – Promoted to replace Michael Lindley
4. Jason Owen – the South and West Regional Manager – Fired
5. Looking for yet another Compliance Officer – seems they have serious issues in this area doesn’t it.
6. Dr. Olivia Croon – Promoted to regional manager, possibly to replace non-dentist Jason Owen.  Remains “co-fake owner”of Ohio clinics.  Poor Jason, guess he will have to get out there and “eat what he kills” as well.
7. Toledo dental center, where Dr. Croon is “lead dentist” is being closed
8. Dr. Kevin Reilly – North and East regional manager promoted.
9. Dr. Marlene Navaro hired to replace Dr. Kevin Reilly as North and East regional manager.
10. Rodney Cawood – Filing state documents changing their Registered Agent in several states.  Something, Linda Zoeller usually does.  Changing from CT Corporation Systems to National Registered Agents