Saturday, December 17, 2011

Horror story from a viewer who saw the piece on Jenny Olenick’s death


I saw in the news about the teenager that died from her surgery on wisdom teeth. It made me so mad. I wanted to tell you what happened to me.

I went Dr. James Holley in Virginia Beach, VA. for a small cavity and some cosmetic repair with a crown.

When he did the cavity he said I had another cavity that needed a root canal. I had a seizure in the chair and could not move or speak, he continued with the procedure.  I heard his dental assistant say '”don't you think you should stop” and he said,  “I have given her more than enough”. When I was finally able to speak he told me seizures was normal for some patients.

He told his assistant to finished the filling and I asked her, “are you trained to finish root canal fillings.”  She replied, “Sort of,  he lets us do it and than he checks it.”  It was not a permanent filling, it was a temporary filling.

Because it was in the back I didn't see the infection growing. I woke up one day and there was a pimple above my front tooth. I went back to him and he said an infection was in the membranes and I had to see a endocrinologist.

The endo said the infection had spread and I had 3 procedures to separated the bone matter to get to the infection. I ended up loosing all my front teeth all the bottom except the front bottoms. I only had a small discount insurance, my daughter had to pay over $20,000.

When I had been sitting and waiting at Dr. Holley’s, I noticed there seemed to be way too many patients for one doctor.  He had his technicians working on the patients while he walked around like God enjoying his new office.

After the procedures with the endo, I was forced to choose another doctor to have implants, new crowns and finish the mess Dr. Holley had started. The first exam went  quickly, X-rays, cleaning teeth and finally seeing the doctor.

Here too I noticed, what I felt was too many patients at this dental clinic.  I didn't know what to do, they apologized for the full waiting room and leaving me waiting in the wings.  I left and looked for yet another another dentist.  We went to a third dentists and the same thing there, way too many patients, waiting in the waiting room.  It was an assembly line.

I also noted there was no patient privacy. The business manager and front officer personnel were putting name tags on people as they checked in, right out in the open!!!  When I was behind the screen that was in the waiting room,  I heard my name and the staff referred to me  as the “drug addict.” The whole waiting room heard this.  I abruptly left.  I’ve been on a lot of medications over this whole ordeal.

I seek care now from university students, 1/3 the cost of what civilian dentist charge. I was also told by a student that civilian doctors sabotage teeth to make more money. This eventful events of pain and suffering, started in 2004 it is almost over. Navy Portsmouth Hospital interns did my implants @ no cost, excellent job. Now VC University in Richmond, VA. will do my crowns in a few months.

These Dentists hurt me and they are breaking the law and need to be investigated. Me going to court won't solve the problem.

img21  DR. James Holley, Virginia Beach, VA




link12912  Dr. Daniel Ethridge, Greenbrier Clinic, Virginia Beach, VA



3.  Dr.Tracy Oliver and Dr. Jorge Pelaez, Virginia Beach, VA

These doctors don't treat  PATIENTS, they treat commodities!

I hope this info will help, so it will not happen to any other children or adults again.

Sincerely, Janet P