Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hiring a Compliance Specialist does not Compliance make. Just Saying...

Church Street Health Management is once again looking for a "Compliance Specialist".

Compliant Specialist Wanted

I'm beginning to believe they don't understand how Compliance actually works or may they have comprehension dyslexia, where they understand rules, regulations, laws and agreements backwards.

Anyway, just hiring Compliance Personnel does little to actually "comply". You, the company actually have to take part. Compliance does not happen by osmosis.

I don't know how many folks you will find willing agree to possible Federal jail time just so you can continue defrauding Medicaid. I think those have all been used, come and gone.

However, I am willing to come down and show you every compliance issue you have if you are still having problems understanding it, you've only been trying since 2006!!!!

One thing you might want to look at immediately is the x-ray unbundling, upcoding as well as that nasty occlusal or not occlusal problem! Oh and are you returning the 44.00 per straight-jacketed child you are paid from Indiana?

Just saying...