Monday, January 09, 2012

Visit to Nashville Small Smiles Headquaters

Visited Small Smiles headquarters in Nashville recently. (618 Church Street) Just checking things out , seeing what happening, that sort of thing. I decided to take a picture of the building directory while on my way to the ground floor restrooms.

There is a lot of action in this old historic building for some reason. Groups of people being lead here and there. I could have sworn I saw Mike Lindley get off the elevator.

I will say the folks rambling around the place do a lot of chatting, especially getting on and off the elevators. Also sounds carry great in the building and the walls in the ground floor restroom carry sound very well.

I thought I heard a group of ladies chatting about several "centers" closing. The number I thought I heard was 20, but that could have been twenty places closing that had nothing to do with Small Smiles Dental centers, who knows.