Friday, January 06, 2012

Is this the beginning of the end for Small Smiles Dental Centers?

In the past three weeks I’ve seen more people with resume’s posted online over at who list Small Smiles as their current or former employer.

[you can search resume’s.  Not sure listing them as a former employer is a plus, personally, I would reconsider]

What is that saying? 

Well, it tells me clinics are closing, being sold off-piece mill, massive layoffs are happening, or it’s very possible it could be all of the above.

Toledo closed the week before Christmas. One of the Oklahoma City centers closed a few months ago.  I heard this week the Lead dentist (fake owner) in Phoenix, Dr. Karen Chu, enjoyed her final day last Friday, December 30,2011.

Add in the CEO and President, Michael G. Lindley and Al J. Smith, being fired along with at least one regional manager; it sounds like things are rocky, to say the least, at Church Street Health Management and their string of Small Smiles dental clinics.

This is pure speculation but  the Carlyle Group could be purchasing a larger piece of the Small Smiles brand pie.  Can you say “bailout”?

What I’m confused about is just how they can “sell” clinics they claim they do not own.  After all, they claim individual dentists “own” the clinics and CSHM simply “manages” them.  [liar, liar pants on fire]  I’m suspecting if these clinics are ever sold, the IRS will have a field day!!  In fact, I’m shocked the IRS hasn’t already had fun trying to figure out how Dr. William Nash came to own all these clinics in the first place and then he supposedly sold them to other individual dentists.  He still remained as either president or secretary of all the various entities that have been created. 

If I’m not mistaken one “owner” dentist claimed under oath, and penalty of perjury, they purchased their three clinics directly from Dr. Nash.  However, under oath, they weren’t sure when they purchased them or just how much they paid for them.  Bahahahah!

There is no doubt Arcapita Bank has experienced buyers remorse from day one. There are literally hundreds of legal claims and lawsuits against Church Street Health Management, their Small Smiles Dental Centers and various employees, and many more on the horizon. 

This is just a guess, but they have probably wanted to cut the tongue out of the attorney who told them this illegal operation was legit in the first place.  Since this person was irresponsible at the least and guilty of malpractice at the most. 

In light of everything, any one would be foolish to buy any of these centers or this company as a whole.

I would also me very worried if Church Street Health Management or any of their individual Small Smiles Dental Centers owed me money.  Personally, I’d me headed to 618 Church Street in Nashville, Tennessee and asking for a cashiers check immediately!