Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I think Small Smiles Dental Centers and Church Street Health Management is on the verge of more sanctions

ChurchandCapitalCornerSignBefore I get into this, let me say the following is not even close to being based on anything other than my observations. Maybe that sounds a bit odd to admit.  But according to the covey of “artful dodgers” at Small Smiles Dental Centers and Church Street Management, everything on this blog has no basis and is pure hogwash.  So I don’t know why they visit here forty ‘leven times a day.

However, I’m smelling something happening at 618 Church Street, Nashville, Tennessee.  I’ve heard “chatter”  CSHM is reviewing their “breach” of the Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) signed in January 2010 with the Office of Inspector General.
1.   I’m told they are scurrying to gauge exactly how far from the truth the reports sent to the OIG, as required by the CIA, with their actual patient/parent complaints from the third party call center, employee exit interviews, employee complaints via the “hotline” and Daily Patient Logs, that reveal the actual overtreatment still taking place on a daily, patient by patient basis.

2.  The Compliance Officer, Allison Luke left in a flash and just yesterday I saw job ads online looking for a Patient Advocate, again. 
These two things tell me they feel they are about to get nailed with sanctions, fines or something from the OIG for outright defiance of just about every paragraph of that CIA. 

[While looking at it just the other day, I found many violations that I know dang well are being deliberately made and I had only gotten to page 3, out of 60 plus pages.]
Why else would this be happening.  We know nothing is done at CSHM unless it increases “production” or can result in showing employees how to document things in a way as to not raise red flags… or can give the appearance of “changing their ways”. 
As with all things, time will tell.  But I won’t be surprised to hear about it, and now you won’t either.