Thursday, June 02, 2011

Texas gone hog wild and pig crazy with taxpayer sponsored dental care


2007    $399,000,000
2008    $768,000,000
2009    $961,000,000
2010    $1,235,000,000

In essence, Medicaid expenditures in Texas for dental services have gone up 300% in 4 years.  I suppose it’s a case of out of control kids going to sleep with Sippy cups.  Or theft on a monumental scale.  No wonder every dentist in the country wants to come to Texas to make his/her fortune!

Actually you don’t have to actually be a dentist to profit, just hire one.  I’m packing now, look out Texas, here I come.

Section 5 page 6 of Texas Medicaid and CHIP 8th edition – January 2011

Yet today, Texas announced it was “expanding” it’s Medicaid spending for dental care!  Texas taxpayers, your Texas government has lost it’s ever lovin’ mind!

Here ya go, Texas, bend over!  Oh wait, sorry, you already are bent over, well, stand back up and do it again.