Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is Church Street Health Management the new World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools?


Is Church Street Health Management-Small Smiles Dental- the current World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASPS)?  What about NCDR.LLC-Kool Smiles Dental?

WWASPS billed itself as an “umbrella organization” of independent institutions for education and treatment of troubled teenagers.  So does CSHM.  CSHM insists it only manages independent dental clinics.

WWASPS mistreats minor for federal dollars.  So does CSHM.  In fact CSHM’s top management, who are 4 of it’s board members, operated the same kind of facilities WWASPS does, under the name Keys Group Holding,LLC.  Isn’t that odd. 

WWASPS sued a mom who spoke out against their cruelty to children.  So did CSHM.  - Me.

WWASPS sued for mistreating children.  So is CSHM.

WWASPS expose’ was featured by PBS. 



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