Saturday, June 04, 2011

Massive influx of foreign-trained dentist and complete take over of our medical and dental health care profession? You decide

Someone found this on the Internet and sent it to me.  I felt it absolutely should be reposted as it is yet another picture of what is happening right under our noses and we all need to wake up from our peaceful slumber:


We will soon see a massive influx of foreign-trained dentists. While everything else has been outsourced, the last majorly unaffected areas of the American economy are health care and the service sector. By virtue of the logic that health care not be outsourced, we as a profession were complacent.

Soon we shall see "insourcing". Health care insourcing. Since patients can't yet be shipped to China or India for treatment, corporate interests will bring in cheap labor from India and China to serve those patients.

The corporate masters at the top will pocket the difference. As an organized profession, we screwed up big time.

This is the what happened. A well-intentioned federal law is passed providing weakly guarded or unguarded government money, lots of money.

Specialized health-care business interests are created to move in and maximize their share of the government funds. It's a specialized, almost parasitic business model.

Laws and regulations are being changed state by state to facilitate this process. Then we shall soon witness firsthand what "insourcing" looks like. Every single one of the Medicaid-dependent nationwide dental chains will be primarily staffed by foreign dentists and brand-new dentists. The corporations decided to "solve" the shortage for us as a profession.

We as a profession had years to stop this process, and we collectively failed.

The advancement of technology is a boon to the profession and to society as a whole. Indeed throughout history, technological innovations have allowed us to live in more comfortable and better ways than dreamed of in the past.

Still, our archaic and barbaric social practices and financial systems are a disgrace to humanity and do a real disservice to real humans. 5000 years of civilization and we can't do any better than this?

We can't better adapt our social systems to be even roughly equivalent to our technical understanding and capabilities?

We can't apply the Scientific Method and other evidence-based or result-based methods to work on solving or ameliorating other important aspects of the human condition?

It's not a question of possibility because it IS possible. It is a question of choice.

They crazier part of all of this.  Some states are wanting to build more dentist schools!!!!!!!!!  Why???????? They say it’s to increase the dental care of the “underserved” again! 

Really?  Honestly?  You really think I’m buying that? 

Well, you probably know I’m not “biting” it, but I guess it’s a sell to those NOT in the know.

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