Thursday, September 01, 2011

Akasmse Rose Tecumseh died in August 2010, Brayden was the lucky one that day. Here is Brayden's story.

Brayden’s mom sent me this yesterday, August 30, 2011 and asked that I tell this story and help how ever I can.  With that said, here is her son’s brush with death.


Hello my name is Ashley and I am writing in hopes that you might be able to inform your readers and possibly direct me as to where to go . You see my son Brayden was also having work done on his teeth Aug. 12,  2010 at Dr. Charles Keithline's office, Tulsa Oklahoma,  although it was not Dr. Keithline that did Brayden’s or the little girls procedure.  He was supposed to but decided last minute to go on some sort of retreat with his wife also his office manage .

Dr. Ryan Roberts, Dr. Keithline’s associate in the office performed the procedures,  There was only 2 patients they were seeing that day her and my son. I can not get that day out of my head no matter how hard I try. The little girl was already in the room having her teeth worked on but I seen her being carried out by her mother and she was soooo- limp ...... I blame myself as well because I had a nagging feeling to just cancel his appointment and go home but I thought it is his first year in school and I wouldn't want him to have to miss school better to get it over with ( I will NEVER not listen to my instincts again ).


They called Brayden back there was 2 assistants ,an anesthesiologist ,and Dr. Roberts they explained that they were going to do a deep sedation on Brayden and gave him a shot .... I told the Dr. something is not right he is making a gurgling sound and it sounds like he is struggling to breathe .

Everyone in the room assured me that this was normal , I informed them that I was a medical assistant and  working in a hospital setting never heard a patient make that sound before as much convincing from them and my fiancée, Brayden’s father,  that I was just being paranoid I reluctantly went and waited in the waiting room.   It was not even 15 minutes that passed before I heard Brayden’s first screams, I immediately jumped up and started knocking on the outside door yelling what are you doing to him in a panic !

No one came to the door and Brayden's screams stopped ... but only for a few minutes because the screams , the blood curling screams started again and as a mother , his mother I knew something was not right so again I started knocking on the door yelling is he ok what is going on!

Nothing .... But this time a few minutes later a dental assistant came out and told me "I suppose you heard his screams , he woke up a couple of times so we had to give him more sedation medicine and he should be done in the next 20 -30 minutes " she then turned and left without allowing me any time to question her.

Brayden woke up screaming 1 more time after she left and within 15 minutes they came out and said he was ready to go home .. I said what , are you kidding me he was just sedated aren't you supposed to wait for him to wake up ?

I told them I recently had my wisdom teeth done and my Dentist made me stay in the recovery room for almost an hour afterwards to watch me , Dr. Roberts laughed at that and stated that he never heard of anyone needing to be watched after wisdom teeth being pulled and that Brayden would be running around playing within an hour or 2.  

However when the nurses went to rouse Brayden he would not respond so the anesthesiologist  told one of the asst. to pinch him and she did under his arm he still did not wake so the anesthesiologist lifted his eyelids and said his name she then said oh yeah he is fine you can take him home (in the meantime Dr. Roberts had left the room only to return to tell them he had somewhere to be and to hurry up ) My fiancée picked up our son and carried him to the car he was so out of it - We immediately started driving home .

On the way home Brayden was making these weird noises like he was struggling to breathe , I had sat in the back seat cradling him on my lap and sat him up holding his head up for him to help open his airway better . Brayden started to throw up on the ride home -It Completely scared us so we called Dr. Roberts back he did not answer or return our calls .

Upon arriving home my mother and father where there to check on Brayden and my mom was holding him Brayden started gaging vomiting and crying uncontrollably.  

My mom got Brayden to calm down for a few , then he just got to calm within minutes Brayden was going into convulsions I screamed to his father pick him up we are going to the emergency room ! We tried again calling the dental office no answer, so finally called his pcp that directed us to take him to St. Francis hospital it has a Children's hospital ..

They watched him and monitored him and told me that he was given to much ketamine and having a bad reaction , it took 11 hours for Brayden to be able to stand and walk on his own.

Just as the hospital was about to release us they stopped us and said their are some detectives here that want to speak with you - The detectives several 4 or 5 came into this tiny ER room and told us that the little girl we saw being carried out was in the same hospital in critical condition and they wanted to know how 2 of Dr. Roberts patients ended up in the hospital within hours of each other. 

I have given a report to the police, dental board and an attorney and yet this man still is practicing !!! I feel if more people knew that there were 2 kids harmed that day possibly they would not take their children there..

My son had nightmares for months following this event , he still does off and on , he told me Mommy I wasn't asleep it hurt , he started wetting the bed , is terrified of doctors and the anxiety and the nightmares this horrific event gave myself and his father is something we want no parent or child to experience .... The sad thing is , is that Brayden was the lucky one that day .... Not sure if you can even do anything with this but I just want more people to know

Thank you

Ashley said she had contacted an attorney after this happened but she has not heard from him in months.  When I asked her if she had gone to the media about it she said the attorney told her it would be in “bad taste”!

Really, Ashley attorney person?!  Are you kidding me!  Ashley’s attorney, you may be a fine man, a fantastic attorney and so forth.  But “bad taste” is another child being subjected to the near death experiences delivered at Dr. Charles Keithline’s office. 

I realize the case was ruled accidental, however there should be some penalty for incompetency!  Did Dr. Ryan Roberts attend one of those drive-thru weekend sedation clinics, that includes a “live patient”, as DOCS advertises? 

The incompetency is where the Oklahoma Dental Board comes into play, or you would think so anyway.  Did it?  Come in, I mean?  NO!  In fact that’s a hell no!!