Saturday, September 03, 2011

Corporate dentistry receiving a lot of press lately isn’t it?

Columbia Journalism Review:

Golden Teeth
Dallas’s WFAA shows crooked Medicaid spending on orthodontia
by Trudy Lieberman

These days it’s rare for local TV stations to produce anything resembling an expose. With their steady diet of crime, weather, and canned medical news, there just isn’t room for the hard reporting. WFAA, the ABC affiliate in Dallas, has earned a reputation as a notable exception. Throughout the summer, the station and its investigative reporter Byron Harris have taken on the Texas Medicaid agency and its spending spree for braces for poor kids.

Now there’s nothing wrong with these children getting braces. Many, no doubt, will benefit in the long run. The problem, Harris reported, is that last year the state paid more than $184 million—nearly double the amount it spent in 2008—to supply braces for 120,000 kids, some of whom may not have met the state’s criteria for orthodontic work.

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