Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not letting Dr. Edward Dove off the hook, fathers drive to remove the dentist continues.


Today, Chris Cook, the father who created the Facebook page exposing the atrocities of Dr. Edward Dove of Bakersfield, California made an appearance on the Scott Cox, radio program.  Scott Cox is on KERN Newstalk Radio in Bakersfield.




Chris has also created a Petition asking parents to people to sign and plans to pass it along to the California Dental Board.

You can sign the petition here.

Pictures are from the latest protest of Dr. Dove.DrDoveProtestBakersfield4

You can join Chris’s Facebook group here.







Friday is Conscious Sedation day at Dr. Dove’s.  A protest has been planned Friday, September 30 · 6:30am - 2:00pm  at the Chatsworth Office

Edward Dove's Chatsworth Office
20523 Devonshire St
Chatsworth, CA

Incidents and Allegations:

--Chris Cook
This past Monday which was August 22nd I took my 5 year old son to have a tooth that I was told needed to be extracted. After arriving at the office my son was given a sedative by mouth in a small cup to drink. He immediately threw up at least 50% of the mixture. I was told to keep an eye on him as he might have vomited it up and it not work.
After approximately 15 minutes a nurse came to me and my son and she wanted to take him in the back for the procedure. He was not ready and he was still very alert. I told the nurse this and she informed me she was only going to be taking x-rays and would be back shortly with him.
Ten to 15 minutes later a nurse comes from the back frantically calling for me and I can now hear my son screaming my name. I rushed to the back and he was being held down by the shoulders by 3-4 nurses and I snatched him up very quickly. He had blood coming from his mouth and was wet from head to toe.
He had urinated all over himself. This Dr. had removed my sons tooth while he was not sedated and not numb. My wife and I confronted the staff. I was furious and red. I asked why he was was operated on since I just told the nurse he was not ready. I also asked why they did not stop if he was urinating himself. Dr. Doves exact words were " I cant help it if your son pees during operation" I was getting redder.
At this time I decided it would be better for me to leave the office and get my son out of the office. My wife and I were trying to calm him and get him into the car and my rage got the best of me. I had to confront the Dr. I went back into the office and demanded somebody speak to me and explain how against my wishes my son was operated while not sedated and that I was ( expletive off). The office manager came to the front and took me to a back room to speak in private.
I asked her how they could do this, why they would do this and why did they not stop when he was obviously in pain and scared. The office manager responded" Normally we go ahead with the procedure because people take time off work to get there kids here and we want to get it done for them" I was getting redder. The office manager then said" she would put it my sons file to not operate unless he was completely sedated". I had to leave the office before i burst.
So after leaving I called the Bakersfield Police department and informed them I wanted to file a assault or battery against the Dr. for what the did to my son and explained the story as I did above. I was told by a officer over the phone that this was a civil case and there was nothing they could do. BS!! I thought. So I called a few lawyers to see about filing a claim against the Dr.
No help here locally from anyone I called which was a few big names here in Bakersfield. I then called the District Attorneys office and told my story to them.
Finally after speaking to very nice woman there and telling her my story she gave me the information I needed to be able try and make sure this does not happen to another kid and possibly more.
--Mark Howard
We took our kids there a few times. We brushed and flossed our kids daily. Our youngest son still had 2 very bad teeth that needed to be crowned. the amount of guilt and shame Dr. Dove dished out to my wife was uncalled for. Arrogant, pompous, and condescending. I always got the impression that he really didn't like his cash cows, I mean, pediatric patients. Fake smile.
--Kristina Gonzalez
I have a 6 yr old daughter that I took almost three weeks ago and had the same experience, she was not all the way asleep. She came out to me like she just finished a fight, her hair was a mess she was all sweaty she had been screaming so much she busted the vessels in her eyes. All she kept telling me was she hates Dr Dove he’s mean and he hurt her feelings, not that he really hurt her but hurt feeling that just broke my heart. I didn’t notice until we got into the car the restraint marks on both wrist. That’s when she started telling me he was yelling at her to be quiet and was pinching her lips together so she couldn't scream. She said she was telling him the thing in her mouth was hurting and he wouldn’t fix it, and the results to that she had cut marks on her lips. I got home and just tried to comfort my lil girl so that she knows all dentist are not like that . I took pics of her wrist and mouth then I called the dentist to see what happen to my child. They said she was fighting them I asked why didn’t they stop and come get me if a child is fighting that much where there is marks from the straps why keep going? They said that’s what they’re known for, getting the job done when other dentist couldn’t . I also asked how many other people has called with there concerns they said they have only had 3 in all their yrs. My mother in law also called upset asking questions and they wouldn’t speak to her.

--Shawna Daniels
I took my daughter there and I could hardly hear her cry so I figured it was normal. I hate going to the dentist too. After we got home she told me they were hitting her in the stomach while working on her. I called back and ask about it and they assured me that nothing like that happened she was treated fairly. I let it go because she didn't complain about any pain and she wasn't red like some of these pictures I'm seeing on this page. I'm never going back and I'm glad someone is speaking out so that others know and people like me know are not alone!!

--Christine Wood
I took my daughter to Dr Dove 2 years ago in July. They just moved to their new location. They gave my daughter what was called koolaid to sedate her. She was not one bit scared to go get a filling. 20 minutes later I heard her screaming, the woman at the front desk told me everything is fine. I knew it wasn't, but she wouldn't let me back in the room. The woman up front said she will go check on ...her for me. When she came back she told me that they were almost finished and that they ended up doing a root canal. I think I should have been told beforehand, that they were going to do a root canal on her. I told her not to do the root canal. She said he already started and can't stop. On the way home she was said he hurt her feelings, because he grabbed her chin and told her to stop crying, and that he was blowing air up her nose. She told me that she crying because she felt everything and it hurt. I noticed when we got home that she had a big chunk out of her nose. When I asked her about it she said that assistant hit her with some kind of drill. Of course I called the office, and the receptionist said that they must have accidentally hit her with the papoose, and that it was probably just a burn.My daughter has a scar on her nose now, that will never go away. Dr Dove is a real a**hole.

--Jennifer Carson
I took my daughter to Dr. Dove a few years ago and had problems as well. The nurse had given her this medicine to take and I had to take her to the bathroom because she was throwing up everywhere. About 15min later they took her to the back. I didn't think she was ready but the nurse said she would be fine. While in the Waiting Room I had heard screaming but didn't think much of it. Once my daughter was done I took her home. On the drive home I noticed she had blood coming from her mouth but figured she was just bleeding heavy. Then she started telling me things that happened. I figured she didn't know what she was talking about since Dr. Dove said she wouldn't remember anything. I had to drag her the next time we went. This time we had no problem with her throwing it up and she was READY to have work done. We have not gone back since she is so SCARED of the Dentist. I know there are people on here saying someone should have said something sooner. Well you are right I should have but I figured this was just a isolated incident and just figured it was because it was her first time at a Dentist and what I thought were stories she was telling me and not what really happened to her. I didn't realize she was telling me the truth this whole time until I saw the news about Dr. Dove. If I would have only took what she was telling me as the truth maybe this wouldn't have happened to someone else's child
--Monique Nunlist
These stories make my stomach turn. My daughter WAS a patient of his until I read this today. I've never liked taking her to his office. Thank god she never had any major problems but even with a general check up they TRIED to make me sit in the lobby but I told them thanks but no thanks, I will stay with her. Our last visit was an emergency visit on a Friday and I can still hear those poor kids s...creaming. My daughter hit her mouth at school and I know she hurt but after she heard the kids in the office she told me it wasn't that bad and wanted to go home. I made her stay but refused to leave her side.
In the late 70's me and my brother saw a "Dr. Dove" like dentist. My mom was never allowed back with us but because it was always the two of us, we were never separated. We told her the things he did like strapping us in, covering our faces and like many of you here, my mom thought we were just being dramatic. Several years later, it came out that his treatment was almost identical to this and he did a whole lot more horrible things to the kids in his practice. Everything eventually caught up to him as I'm sure it will with this slum also.

Chris, please get a GOOD lawyer. I'm not normally in favor of that kind of thing but this man not only hurt your little man but violated his rights. You need to get copies of the transcripts from all the news stations. He out rightly talked about your son and his case during his phone interview on the news and that is a direct violation of HIPAA.
--Nicky Farmer
Maybe it's just me but I have NEVER heard of a dentist giving every child a sedative before a procedure. I know some parents ask because their children have anxiety about the dentist but I have never heard of it being "the norm". I had a pulpotomy (root canal) done when I was a child and I was not given a sedative. Just the novacain. I also have NEVER heard of this "papoose" or strapping children down. Isn't that the purpose have having the parents with their children so they can soothe them and keep them calm? I am really sorry for all of the families affected by this dental office. They should have been out of business a long time ago.

--April Michelle Gregory
I am the mother that posted on the insider pages awhile back about my 4 year old saying dr dove punched her in the face and told her to shush. We haven't spoken about it since, last night when the news was on she said mom, that's the dentist that punched me in the face. After it had happened I was hoping it was a misunderstanding on my child's part, even though - promised I'd never go back to that dentist and told everyone I know not to go there. After reading all the comments it breaks my heart to have to admit that this truly happened to my daughter.

--Meagen Poindexter
Wow, so my son isn’t the only one who had a bad experience with this dentist. My son was terrified of just the word dentist, and to try and drive to Bakersfield College forget it…he would literally start screaming as soon as we would start up towards the bluffs, saying “I don’t want to go to the dentist I want to go home” Let just say my son threw up the sedative and was alert during his whole treatment, when they brought him to me his forehead was red and he was crying. When we got in the car he told me they strapped me down on a blue board and they strapped my head down. He did two caps on my sons teeth because he chipped them on a bike and they fell off twice!! I got so upset with the office staff I made them transfer my sons records to Dr. Thomas at Just for Kids on Stockdale. My son was so scared to even go to a new dentist because of his experience at Dr Dove, and right away I liked the new dentist my son was crying and upset when they were trying to get x-rays and Dr. Thomas came in and said oh no we will wait until he is comfortable then take the x-rays. They also let you go back and watch the work being done at just for kids. My son likes going to the dentist now because they make him feel safe and they tell him what they are going to do before they do it. But make a long story short, my son is 7 and still asks when we head towards BC “mom are we going to the mean dentist.
--Carol Webb
OK...when I seen your story on the news my heart FELL!! I got that pit in the bottom of my stomach...approx 2 years ago I took my then 3 year old daughter and my 5 year old son to have their teeth worked on. I was quite nervous due to me walking into a waiting room with children screaming and crying in the back of the office, and seeing them being brought out by a dental assistant, just sobbing.....I went to the bathroom which was right to the right of the hallway and I heard a man in a stern voice say "Now that is ENOUGH...." as a child was crying uncontrollably. My heart broke. I actually thought it might of been his dad. Then they gave MY KIDS the as they called it LOOPY drink and told us to keep an eye on them for they will become unstable in about 30-45 mins. I had my dad there since I couldn't control and hold 2 children at the dentist. Sure enough, they started getting loopy, my son who was 5 was trying to play the ms pacman game he has in the waiting room. I was standing holding him up. He head became WOBBLY, and he started getting scared, not understanding what was going on with his body. My daughter, she was fighting it, but soon became the same way...They came into the waiting room and called for my daughter and my son, We (my dad and I) started to walk back and they informed me I nor my DAD could be back there, it was against their policy, due to kids freaking out and parents making it worse on the kids. I was shocked due to I have 3 OLDER children and have NEVER been told I couldn't be in their presences during a dentist visit. But I have seen his commercials and thought wow he knows what he is I let them back and went and sat in the waiting room for my babies. It was about 10 mins into them being back there, and I got this feeling and I heard my lil girl crying. I went up to the desk in a panic and was reassured that everything was fine. about 15-20 mins later they first brought my son, who was crying (he is the quiet one) who grabbed my neck and wouldn't let go, i thought that was strange but just thought he was still scared from the meds. Then they brought my daughter who had a RED mark across her forehead and was CRYING and almost couldn't catch her breath. I handed my son to my dad and took her into my arms, they proceeded to tell me the instructions, and we went out the door..we didn't even get to the end of the walk way and my 3 year old daughter said to me..."Mommie, pleasee I doontt wantt to everrr seee him, heeee HIT MEE and told me to HUSHHHHHH!! I stopped in my tracks and looked at my dad, and he said, I dont think he would do that, maybe she is thinking that due to the medicines. lets wait til she fully wakes up and see what she says...I was beyond sick by this point..i wanted to run inside and pull him out of the office....but i got into the car....My son then proceeded to tell me that he strapped him arms, head and chest down and told him to be still...I was fuming...we got home and I phoned the office and asked them about the straps and they said yes they have to restrain the kids due to them moving around..I asked why I wasn't informed that, and they said they did tell me..I think I would remember that....then as the night went on, my daughter would wake up crying about the doctor HITTING her and telling her to HUSH! I called the BBB and the board of Dentistry and they said they haven't had any reports about we decided just to find a new one which we did..they kids literally FREAKED out when I told them they had to go to the dentist, my daughter says please mommie I don't want to go to dr dove, he hit me, i told them No i found someone and when we went to DR Kyle (WHO IS GREAT WITH KIDS n ADULTS) i told them what had happened and they reassured the kids he wouldnt hurt them and even had me right there....I was told that NO DOCTOR should EVER take YOUR CHILDREN back without a PARENT or guardian with them. If the kids get to where they wont listen to the doctor, they just have the parent to stand behind the child in the doorway, out of the kids view but parent has visual at all times.....
I feel soooooooo horrible for NOT reporting this back then, but I hope now its out and more and more of us parents find out we WEREN'T the only ones we can get than MANS LICENSE REVOKED!!!!

--Tanasha Huggins
The more stories I hear the more my heart hurts and my stomach turns. I'm so sad for these children because it's not like children are excited about the dentist in the first place. Their first dentist referred me to him ( which I had heard one of the nurses from their first dentist telling my son to shut up so I was happy). My son went to dove and got the loopy meds and I was scared the whole time ...he was back there because there is just so many things that could happen (obviously) that I couldn't be aware of. My heart goes out to the children that went through this. My son has only said that they tied him up and locked the door. He said it was like a trap. He is only five. No child should feel like they are trapped while having to go through something like that. They should know that their parents are there for them by their side and that they will be fine. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories to get this out and so he doesn't hurt another child! I'll be looking into smileland or healthy smiles!

--Jenny Allbee
Let me start by saying that my story is no where as close to the horrific stories that have been posted on here. I am so glad you are bringing attention to this, Chris. My son went to Dr. Dove for his first ever dental appointment when he was in Kindergarten. (he's now in 2nd grade) He had no dental issues at that time and it was suggested they put sealants on his teeth to prevent cavities. Having had sealants myself as a child (and also as an adult) I agreed and his appointment was scheduled. Took him in to get the sealants and I was aware (however leery) of the "koolaid" drink they were going to give him. The appointment went off without a hitch but a few weeks after he started saying that they strapped him down. I was not happy that I was not aware of them doing this but thought it must be procedure. But in the back of mind still thought "if he's sedated, why did they have to strap him down?" He went back for his annual check up this past spring and everything checked out well. About a month ago, his first permanent tooth started coming in BEHIND his baby tooth (not under it to help push it out). I was concerned about this so took him in to see Dove again. THANK GOD I had fed him breakfast that morning because the "dr" said he could "help out" the baby tooth but we would have to come back in 4 hours when my son had an empty stomach. The "Dr" said he would "fit us in". So his dad and I took him back around 11 a.m. and waited for nearly an hour. There were several other children in the waiting room who had already had their "koolaid" however were not being seen. And also another child who had come from out of town and had been waiting for over 2 hours and had not had her "koolaid" either. I guess my motherly instincts kicked in and I decided that we would leave and give his tooth a few more days to come out on its own. Upon exiting the office, noticed that the vehicle the "dr" had arrived in the morning (I was there waiting for the office to open) was not even in the parking lot! (It was nearly 12:30) THANK JESUS that his tooth came out about a week later and he did not have to go back. THANK JESUS that you have brought attention to this horrid man. My son will NEVER set foot in his office again. Hopefully this attention will run him out of Bakersfield for good and the news will travel to the city where his other office is as well (Chatsworth?)

--Aimee Shepherd
I have chills! Approximately 2 years ago I took my then 10 year old daughter to Dr. Dove. NIGHTMARE doesn't even begin to describe the experience we had there. I was originally referred to him because my daughter had previously had a bad experience with a regular dentist that sees older kids and adults, so we decided even though she was 10 or 11 we should take her to a kids dentist. I met with Dr.... Dove and explained how scared she was and why and he reassured me that he was patient, kind, and understanding and that she would be in good hands. Long story short, after they sedated her, she was feeling queasy and felt like she was going to throw up. Dr Dove started yelling at her when she said she needed to get up to get to the sink and vomit. He scolded her and refused to do any work on her saying she was combative and she needed to grow up and act her age. Again, I had gone over her fear with him and explained that she needed a dentist that would be kind to her to turn her fear around. He sent one of his staff members to talk to me and I went back there to talk to both him and my daughter. My daughter was humiliated and very upset. She said she wanted to get her filling but he refused. She explained again that once she threw up she felt better and she was just needed up out of the chair because she didn't want to throw up on him and his staff. Dr. Dove must have multiple personalities because he was no longer the nice guy he pretended to be upon first meeting with him. He was yelling at both of us, and putting my daughter down which didn't help her with her self confidence and self esteem. Now just to clear up a few things I ended up taking her to yet another regular dentist and explained all of our previous experiences. My daughter was furious with Dr. Dove and wanted to prove that SHE was not the problem and that HE was being a maniac and a jerk. She had her work done and continues to see the new dentist regularly. He was more then patient and sweet to her. He wanted to show her that not all dentists are jerks. They developed a great relationship and mutual understanding, they made a deal early on that if she would trust him and cooperate, he would listen to hear and stop if she needed a minute or was in pain. He was a man of his word. It has been a few years now, she actually has a cleaning and check-up tomorrow and looks forward to going now. She also has braces now and has come a long way. DR DOVE is cruel and should not be practicing dentistry on kids! He has no idea how much pain and heartache he is causing to so many children. It is obvious from our own experience that this affects kids for years. SHAME ON DR. DOVE!

--Stephanie Jackson
I took my son in last year. He was 3 years old. He had a couple of cavities and needed a tooth extracted that had broken off at the gum-line. They informed us that we would not be able to come to the back because some parents freak out and then it isn't good for the children. So we got there and they gave our son the medicine to make him sedated. We waited for about an hour or an hour and a h...alf. He finally was done and the nurse had brought him to the bathroom in the hallway and telling him he needed to bite down on the gauze. She seemed a little rude and started telling us we needed to tell him to bite on the gauze because he just was not listening...ummm he is 4 and sedated and doesn't know you...are you surprised that he isn't listening??? So we take him to the car after the nurse was done giving us instructions...and I notice he has a rash all over his face. I sent my husband back in to ask what it was from...if it was from the medicine I needed to take him to the Dr. asap. One of the staff told him not to worry...that it was from the HEAD RESTRAINT STRAPS!!!!! I was NEVER informed that my little 3 year old son would be restrained with anything!! This really made me upset but I figured there was nothing I could do about it at that point. I also noticed that his top teeth were now a yellowish color instead of white and that some of his top front teeth were now shaped completely different. His teeth are so different now than the day before I took him to this man. I think it is completely ridiculous that they do not allow the parents to be with their children. And if they are tying kids up in the back I am pretty sure that the parents should be informed FIRST and then be able to make a decision about it!!! That was the first and only time that I took my son there. I now take my children to Hometown Dental...the staff and Dr.s are so nice there. I took both my children there a couple of months ago and the dentist let me be with my children and informed me of everything they were going to do before it happened. In fact, my son had a cavity that they were able to fill without even having a shot. And he did not cry or anything...and they gave him a toy after which he was very impressed with. I am happy people are starting to speak out about this!!!

--Cortney Fleming
I took my son there about a year ago and it was a very traumatizing experience for him and me. He needed a lot of work done 2 extractions, 3 caps, and about 7 fillings. He was on the bottle till he was two so this is why he had so many cavities. Dr. Dove did speak to me about the sedative and the restraints so I did prepare him and myself for that. We had gone to other places and were told the sam...e thing so i kinda expected it, he also told us we couldn't be in the room. Which i didn't really like but everywhere else I went I was told the same. He also spoke to me very rude. Everything was fine until my son came out and in the car ride home he got very emotional and said that the doctor yelled at him over and over to shut up. My son is very shy, quite, obedient child so for him to yell at him especially while having teeth extracted from him broke my heart. I couldn't stop crying that day knowing that someone treated my sweet little boy like that. I will NEVER go back to him. We now go to Smileland on California Ave and they have the sweetest nurses and Dr. I just took my 3 year old daughter there and she still had to be restrained for her safety which i understand but i was able to stay in while the put her in the restraints she never cried or said he was mean at all it was a wonderful experience. Thank you Chris Cook for having the courage to come forward about this.

--Davina Green
A few months ago my six year old developed a gum boil and a front tooth extraction was needed. Since I live near Dr. Doves office, I called and was offered an appointment. I mentioned this to a friend of mine and was told to find another dentist. That Dr. Dove's procedure was to NEVER allow parents in the exam room and that all children are given a "koolaid" of sedation regardless of the treatment... needed. Another mother told me about being in the waiting room while a child was being led out of a procedure to his waiting parents. The child was still under sedation to the extent that he stumbled and fell, cutting his face. The next day before the appointment, I called Dr. Dove's office and expressed my concerns. The nurse explained that sedation was a standard practice and that parents are never allowed in the treatment room, that it was more upsetting to the child to have the parents present. When I assured her this was the opposite in my sons case, she remained steadfast in upholding Dr. Doves strict policy. I then asked about sedation and explained that my son had undergone corrective heart surgery and had to be very careful regarding sedation of any kind. She said she understood my concerns but sedation was a standard practice and he would be safe with "the doctor". I told here "the doctor" was a dentist, not a cardiologist. And that I have never been denied the right to be present with my child during ANY exam or treatment by any medical practice and that they could cancel my sons appointment immediately. My own dentist was willing to see my son and expressed shock and concern about Dove's policies. I am so sorry this happened to your little one, but so glad you started this grassroots effort to stop this man. I will be following your story with a great deal of interest.

--Kimberly Bullard

I took my children there for a checkup and he informed me that my daughter had 12 cavities! (Which just happened to be exactly what my niece had sitting the next chair; he didn't know she was related) so we scheduled an appt for fillings. I happened to be out of town and had to reschedule. A friend of mine heard that I was taking her to Dr. Dove and sent me a picture and explanation of his sons experience. After seeing and hearing this there was no way I was taking my daughter back if I could not be in the room. I called and spoke to the office manager and was informed that they do not allow parents in the room because the rooms are small and there is the Dr. and two techs. i offered to stand in the doorway (out of view of my child) and was told no that she would be happy to send her records to a new dentist when I found one. I have heard that Dr. Daniel Purdy is really good and his office staff is very friendly. Anyone know anything or have any experiences with him?

--Divina Muriel
I went to Dr. Dove as a last minute effort to get a toothache checked on my four year old. I was told come in tomorrow morning, GREAT! No one else would do that unless it was an emergency, etc.

Being it was such a rush and I was in at 7 am the next morn for extraction, I did not read ANY fine print and had NO CLUE, when the sedative was administrated, quite what it was. Was sent to waiting room for it to kick in....I had no clue that my son would grow so woozy...he fell of the chair and busted his lip.
THEN, I was denied entry to the room! I insisted I go in. I was told 'I HAD SIGNED APPROVAL' to all of this. Being a business woman, I explained to the woman that they need to bring clarity to such extreme measures of treatment, VERBALLY and not leaving any room for confusion.
I have a 20 and 14 year old, both have had extensive dental work. There were times I'd wish they would have tried to sedate my daughter as she would have so much done...NEVER was it done, nor was it suggested that I NOT BE IN THE ROOM. (I believe he needed a small drilling and filling, possibly a cap.
This was so new, alien and I couldn't believe it.
So, being that he's sedated...I felt my hands were tied. I was told I could not leave with him sedated thusly...I felt VIOLATED, FORCED and like a terrible parent for putting my son in this position.
Recently, I went to Dr. Purdy for his check up. He suggested a possible pulling. I asked what his process was and he explained it to be the same as Dr. Dove's. He said its what all dentists do now.
As you all pursue this matter, I would like the question expressed to Dental Board:
"This new process needs to be investigated and/or more tightly regulated and there must be COMPLETE DISCLOSURE outside of...'you signed for this somewhere in all that paperwork'. WHY, when kids are sedated in this manner so there would be NO DIFFICULTY, would the parents BY NO MEANS POSSIBLE be allowed in the room?!?
I'm glad someone spoke up because we went home NOT KNOWING what had just hit us.

--Brooke Glazer Catalfamo
My long & complicated story (copy of complaint) : I took my son, Tyler, now 6 years old, to Dr. Dove on 7/23/2010 for work to be done and felt very uncomfortable when I found out their policy is not to allow Parents to be in the back with their child during the procedure. He was VERY upset and swollen after, but I still did not suspect anything yet, just that I did not like Dr. Dove and would not... be going back.
Less than 8 months later, March 15, 2011, I picked my son up from kindergarten and he told me his tooth (cap) came off. I asked him if he fell or if anything hit him and he said that it did not. He told me that he was flicking his finger under his tooth and he felt something sticky and it came off in his hand.
I called Dr. Dove’s office a day later and left a message. I waited a day and after not hearing back from them, I called again. I spoke with Joanne, the office manager, who told me that his tooth coming off could have never have happened the way my son said it happened. I explained to her that my son is explaining to me as he felt it, from his 5 ½ year old point of view. She asked if I had the cap and I said no. She said when kids come in with their parents they have their caps with them, to which I told her again that my son is 5 ½ years old and would not think to put it into his pocket. I had to ask for an appointment, to which she said they did not have one until the following Thursday. Joanne failed to mention that there are other Dr.’s in the office that could have looked at him before then. Joanne told me the cost would be $75, just to look at him. I said that it was their work and it had been less than a year since it had been done, shouldn’t they look at it before they charge me? She was very rude to me, but made the appointment.
I arrived at Dr. Dove’s office for our 4:30 appointment on March 24th with my Mom, Dad and son. We waited 45 minutes, while people that came in after us, went in before us. When I asked why people were being seen before us we were told because they fit us in. We waited for over a week with my son’s exposed tooth and they acted as if they were doing us a favor. They tried to charge us beforehand, but I would not pay for Dr. Dove to look at my son’s broken tooth ahead of time.
When Dr. Edward Dove saw us, he told me that Tyler’s tooth could never have come out like my son said it did and that a cap does not just come off. He told my family and I many times that he has been a Dentist for over 20 years and has never seen this and it could never have happened the way we said.
Dr. Dove also told me that if Tyler’s cap came off in the first few months, then he would not be charging me to look at it. That did not make much sense to me because he just told me it could never have just come off. When I said to Dr. Dove that he could say that “the cap could never have just come off”, but it did just come off, he raised his voice and said “of course I can say what I want this is my office.” I could not believe how rude he and his office manager were being to us, especially in front of my child. Dr. Edward Dove told us that there had to have been an injury to his tooth, something had to happen for it to come off. I would know if my son fell and hurt himself, especially on his face. I went to get my Mom from the waiting room and as I did Dr. Dove said, “this appointment is over” and they literally kicked us out of their office, Joanne, the office Manage, started closing the inside office door on me, to where I had to push the door to stop from getting hurt in the door.
After my Mom, Dad, Tyler and I were pushed out the front door, the Dr.’s office locked it and closed the blinds. My Mom reminded me to get my x-rays, the one’s I’ve paid for, not the one’s they took that day. I knocked on the door and they would not open it. I knocked and knocked and they still did not open it. I called Dr. Dove’s office and they would not answer. I left a message letting them know we would just like our x-rays and they still would not answer nor bring them out. I tried to call the police, but was on hold and decided we would go and take care of it another day. (I’m 5’1, my mom 5’ and my Dad maybe 5’9, we were not big or scary. Dr. Dove and his office manager, Joanne, are quite tall and they were looming over us, Joanne pushing us out the door. She looks to be at least 5’6)
I really wish this was the end; unfortunately, it is not. I decided to do some research into this Dr., thinking that I could not be the only Parent with a bad experience. I also remembered a Mom from my son’s preschool the year before who had taken her daughter there too. I did research of Dr. Edward Dove through the internet and came up with disturbing negative reviews about him (how I wish I did my research before). On I read some really scary and horrifying things about children saying that they were tied down (I guess they call this a papoose) slapped and even punched by Dr. Edward Dove. There were at least 5 different reviews like this. I knew I too had to find out if this happened to my son.
The next morning I decided to ask my son some questions, going out of my way to phrase these questions in a manner that would not lead him in any way and hoping he would not say anything happened. I asked Tyler if while he was in the Dentist room (he pointed it out to me where he had been with the Dr. Dove a day earlier) if he could move his legs and arms around, to which he said yes. Then he proceeded to say, to my utter shock, that he had been slapped in the face (showing me with his hand) when he would cry!! WOW!! My son has NEVER said this about anyone!! I could not believe this was coming out of his mouth! After doing my research the night before, I knew that, unfortunately and unbelievably, that my son was slapped at the Dentist. At this point I was not sure who had done the slapping, just that someone had slapped him when he would cry. I went on to tell my child that no one ever has the right to touch him that way… etc. He now knows he can tell me right away if anyone touches him in any way that is not comfortable.
A few nights later, at bed time, he said how he did not like how Dr. Dove slapped him in the face (and again he showed me slapping on his cheeks and a few times on the forehead and he added the word “stop” every time he would do the slapping motion). I asked him who had slapped him, the women inside the room, the Dentist or both. He said that only Dr. Dove slapped him.
I wonder how I could not have known my son was slapped and now it having come out almost 8 months later is very surprising. I believe there were signs but I would never have known they were there because I did not know anything had happened to look for. I also know that if Tyler’s cap had never come off and I had never taken him back to see Dr. Edward Dove (I was planning on taking my son to a new Dentist but had not made an appointment yet), I would not have had a reason to look into him or to know that some questions had to be asked. I am positive in my heart that he is hurting children and also believe that he is doing more work than necessary on these children.

--Bakersfield Deals
My boys have been going to Dr Dove forever I was told that there are no dentists in Bakersfield that allow you back in the room so I thought that was normal. My sons would see the commercials and want to go, they actually loved going to the dentist granted we had only gone a couple times they always had perfect teeth. Then it was time for them to get their checkups for school so I took them in for a check up they told me both my kids had 2 cavities and I was astonished. I had questions and they were very rude with me and acted like I was wasting their time. Another woman from up front came back calmed me down and answered my questions. I came back that Friday for my children to be worked on. I was extremely uneasy everyone was rude the kids were scared even the music in the office was inappropriate but i stayed calmed and imagined it was because i was a nervous mom over reacting. The nurses assured me everything would be fine and my children wouldn't feel a thing. My oldest goes back first and is screaming and crying and calling my name I ignored him thinking he's just scared. Then he came out and it was time for my 4 year old. He screamed so loud my oldest who had just been worked on could only cry and beg me to save him. I figured it was just him being over protective now. So my baby comes out both my boys are in so much pain my husband and i had to take them to the car. My oldest said that they were making fun of the way he was talking with his numb mouth and telling him mommy and daddy wouldn't be coming to save him. My youngest couldn't tell me anything he was just scared. My oldest told me they had blind folded him and started working and talking over him and telling him to be quiet or they would make it hurt worse. Over the weekend my youngest complained of a toothache and I was already ticked at Dr Dove but only because of what my boys had told me so I posted on my Facebook about what had happened and took my son to Just 4 Kids immediately (I called and the lady said bring him in right now). I took him to Just 4 Kids found out he did have 1 cavity (not either of the ones that Dr Dove's office filled) and they took care of in in a matter of 10 min they took my traumatized baby and my son (because I couldn't hold it together) back in to the operating room and was very gentle to him. they showed him the tools, they let him touch them to calm him down. He came out so much better then I ever expected he wasn't even crying. That's when I knew something was really really wrong. I am completely terrified for parents that don't know the truth I really want to do anything I can to help!

--Candace Dickson Freeman
This is my share. I have a 5 year old boy who has autism. Last year he had two discolored teeth that needed a root canal. I won't go into detail of that experience as it was with a dentistry other than Dr. Dove, but needless to say, the experience was traumatizing for him, he was papoosed, which is standard treatment of children who react strongly to drilling and needles (who wouldn't?), and they wouldn't let me in the room during the exam. A couple of weeks later, he gets a horrible infection in the root canaled teeth (his two front teeth). Me very wary of children's dentistry after researching standard practice for most, take him to my dentist. He has a hard time sitting still, a very sensitive gag reflex and other issues associated with his disability. They refer him to Dr. Dove. Me trusting and loving my own dentist trust their recommendation. Upon arrival, I demand to be let in the room with my son. The doctor in his very condescending "I know your son better than you" voice tells me that parents often get more upset than the children so I am not allowed to go in. Meanwhile my son's mouth is swollen and he's in severe pain. So since it's an emergency, I reluctantly give in. They give him a small cup of "sedation" fluid. He drinks it but it has no affect on him. They bring him back and I immediately hear him screaming in the back. Next thing you know a nurse comes out and says he's completely wet his clothes. They again will not let me back in to see my son when they realize I don't have a change of clothes for him. So I run to the store (my mom is there keeping watch) to get him some clothes. I come out and they hand me his two front teeth in a cup. They didn't get my permission to pull them. They also papoosed him, which is from what I understand "standard practice" for children who don't cooperate. My child has autism. And now he has two horror stories from two separate denistries that have traumatized him. My strongest beef is not being allowed in the room, the cold condescending treatment from the dentist and most of all the undue torture that they exhibited on my son. I'm not sure if he was numb or sedated during the process because I wasn't allowed to be in the room. Liability speaking, this is unwise for them.
--Lisa Bartlett
My middle child had to see a dentist. She was sent to Purdy. Great doc. I was allowed in with the xrays. I was give the sedation to give to her and was told she had to drink it with in I think 10 or so minutes. No problem. She drank it right up and with in 15 or so minutes she could barely walk. No problems after treatment either. I asked Aetna why I couldn't take my boy to Purdy and they told me he was PPO and if I took him there I would have to pay full bill. I didn't even know Dove at this time. I just didn't want to change the doc cause I had a good experience with Purdy and like to stay with who I like. But with no choice I went with Dove.
This is My boy and I's story with Dr. Dove. My boy was anemic (had a lot of problems with pregnancy and delivery of him) So doctor gave him Iron drops. These drops stained his teeth on the bottom pretty good. The doctor seen this and like 3 different times different appointments said I needed to take him to dentist. My mother said he didn't need to be taken to a dentist for stains... but I did take him anyway over fear of CPS type stuff. I got a referral from our primary dentist and the referral was for Edward Dove. This is when Dove was at the other location across from college and you had to get lucky to get a parking spot. Anyway Dr. Dove said Because Aetna required the Xrays before work was approved so he needed to do Xrays and then come back for the work at another appointment. Ok. Then he told me it's easier for the child if mother don't go. Against mom instinct I understood and let him go with out me. He did come back crying pretty hard, which I expected a little; so didn't really think anything of it. Doctor said he had cavities etc. I said he's been breast fed and no soda/candy.... why would he have cavities. This appointment was like end of 2008. For the actual work was done early 2009 after approval went through. We went to the appointment. An assistant called us back to get started. We went back to a little chair just inside the door between lobby and office area. They asked me if I thought he would drink the sedation drink. I said he should. I sat my boy on my lap and put my hand up for the drink and she went right around my hand and tried to give it to him herself. This my boy wouldn't go for. She called another assistant to help her. She took him and went into a room with the other assistant and shut the door. I'm just standing there in shock that they didn't even ask me or even say anything to me, They just took him and off they went. He came out crying hard again. Stupid me, going against my motherly instinct, I say nothing and just go back to the lobby and wait for sedation to take effect. TWO other patients came in AFTER my boy AFTER the sedation ordeal, YET BOTH went in before my boy. Both these patients couldn't walk with in 10 minutes after giving them the sedation. I was just thinking these were light weights. My boy was STILL walking around, looking at books etc. Then FINALLY they take my boy back. Again, Stupid me... I shouldn't of let him considering he was still walking around just fine. The other two patients came out with little to no crying. Two more patients I think siblings came in. With in 10 minutes after going back for the sedation they had to be held cause they couldn't even stand. That's when they brought my boy out. He was crying sooo hard, and doing that hiccup type breathing that people do when they've been crying for a long period of time. She said they got all the stain they could. Never no explanation to his crying. As I'm putting him into his car seat I notice something on his forehead. It looks like about an inch or two wide and all across his forehead. It's looks like some sort of a strap indent, kind of deep. Then inside the little indents there was like sand type stuff. Some of the area's looked like it was close to bleeding. I told my boy right then we won't ever come back here again, I promised. A few days later I was suppose to get a itemized receipt for our flexible spending account where we had to pay $150 for the sedation. I don't remember the exact conversation, but I do remember telling the office lady I was NOT happy with the dentist or the assistants. She didn't even ask why. Is this because she already knew why??? Because I wasn't the only one ??? So what did happened? Did they spill the sedation, did he spit it out? They should of told me what happened. And they shouldn't of gone on with the work when he wasn't sedated. Then to top it all off... Like within a week after the work, his top two teeth I think they call them upper laterals started to lightly turn bad. These teeth was nothing wrong with them, not even in the least, so why did they start turning bad? Was it a little insurance to get us to come back. My guess is they scraped the enamel off. which there was NO reason to scrape at all cause there was NOT even staining on these. I don't know but I do know there wasn't anything wrong and with in a week of seeing Dove there is. Anyway, I received a survey on our primary dentist couple months later from our insurance. I went off main subject they were asking and told the story on Dove. So my insurance should have some record of this. Tho I doubt they would keep it cause It would show they are partially in the wrong for continuing to keep him in the list. I have soo many questions. Why can't parents give the sedation, why can't parents be there to observe even if in a back corner where kid can't see. Too much "behind closed doors thing" Why would they even attempt to work on a child that is CLEARLY NOT sedated, not even a little. This is torture. Unfortunately or fortunately my boy was too young then to say what happened and been too long ago to remember and be able to say what went on now. I am in as much fault really for being stupid and not standing up and going with my gut instinct. So I don't think there's a whole lot I can do, but will file a complaint anyway. They can only do what we allow them to do to our kids. Tho we should be able to trust those who are in control of our kids. and if we can't they shouldn't be allowed to be in control of kids. If a child will not cooperate, then the parents should be informed and take it from there. Does it make any sense why a child wouldn't cooperate, considering they are suppose to be sedated ??? Isn't the sedation suppose to make them cooperate cause they don't have the mental capacity to fight because of the sedation. Maybe if the doc makes sure the child is sedated before work begins, and NOT start work if child isn't sedated, he wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. Then the fact that he's denying EVERY one of these allegations tells me he can't even own up to his mistakes, and he don't think he's done anything wrong. That's the worst part of this. It's all just very sad :'( The unimaginable pain these kids went thru not being sedated. Parents who haven't had any problems with Dove is obviously just gotten lucky.
I have since called my Insurance Aetna to inform them of the goings on. They said they'd put a note on it. What ever that means. Insurance companies shouldn't contract people that has caused soooo much negativity. I don't want any money out of this.. I just want other parents aware so their kids don't have to go through this kind of treatment by Mr.Dove. I am not lying, I am fully willing to take a lie detector test. Is he willing to do the same ??? I will be sending in a complaint soon as I can get the exact dates to when service was performed. However that's as far as I want to be involved in this case. Thanks for giving parents the opportunity to voice their story and opinion of Dr. Dove.


--Holly Cordova
On Wednesday August 24th I took my 6 year old son to Dr. Dove's office. He drank their "kiddie martini" and 9:40 in the morning and I was told they would take him back in 30 minutes. An hour went by and I asked if they had forgotten us. The lady informed me no they hadn't forgotten us that things had come up. Almost another hour went by and they finally took him back. He didn't seem very sedated at all anymore. They called my name 30 minutes later to get him. He was crying a lot and I could tell something was wrong. When we started driving away we were trying to comfort him and let him know everything was ok now. He managed to choke out that Dr Dove was mean to him. He said every time he would cry Dr Dove would yell at him to quit crying. Later that evening he asked my daughter at the dinner table if she wanted to know what else they do at that dental office and he said they hurt you. He said EVERY TIME I CRIED DR DOVE WOULD YELL AT ME TO QUIT CRYING AND ELBOW ME IN MY RIBS! He wanted to know why his dentist hurt him and I have to explain to him over and over again that DENTISTS ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO HURT YOU OR YELL AT YOU AND DR DOVE SHOULD NOT BE A DENTIST. My son is traumatized by this incident and I pray that no other parents will allow this man to work on their precious children. It's not right that this man can strap our babies down from head to toe and get away with what he has. Something has to be done!

--Katie Stevens Gorham
In March of 2010 I took my son to see Dr.Dove he said my son needed four caps. During our consultation I asked the doctor if my son became upset or the kiddie kool aide was not effective if he would stop the procedure, Dr. Dove responded with of course we never work on children that get upset. When went went back for the actual visit a few days later my son was given the sedation medication and gagged and spit most of the medication up, with in a half hour they took my son back. I asked the staff again if he becomes upset and uncooperative you will stop the procedure so we can discuss other options, again I was reassured they never work on kids who are upset. My son came out of the procedure red from head to toe and drenched in sweat. I asked my son what happened he said "they were mean to me he grabbed my face and told me to be quite, I was scarred momma. That man grabbed my face a shook my head." my son was only four at the time. I called the doctors office and spoke to the office manager to have them explain they said that never happened, I asked to speak to the doctor, when he got on the phone he said your child is making this up and I get at least three mothers like you a month then he hung up on me. I called the police and filed a child abuse report against Dr. Dove the police interviewed me and my son, took pictures and they sent all the information with the state. CPS also has a copy of the case.

--Perla Minera
I have been taking my kids to Dr.Dove's Chatsworth office for around 2 years now but about 5 months ago I took my daughter in for one cavity she needed to be fixed and I went threw all the sedation process ,they took her in and around 15 minutes later a nurse brought her out she was crying and sweaty and when I looked at her teeth they had put white caps on four of her front teeth I was shocked but all I could do is take her away from that place as soon as I could and cry along with her on our trip home . So thank you for giving me the courage to file a complaint.

--Dalene Schlottach-Gibbons
I have been trying to keep up with what has been going on in bakersfield with Dr. Dove. When my daughter was 5 (she is now 10), we went to Dr. Dove. When she came out of the office, she was uncontrollable. She was scared to death, crying, and eyes swollen from crying, and I almost didn't make it home. I never went back to him after that. To this day, she will have panics attacks just thinking about a routine cleaning. This morning on our way to school I was explaining to her what was going to happen at her Dentist appt on Thursday. She has not had issues with anything until now. Her issues are, 2 cavities underneath the fillings she received from Dr. Dove. I have not mentioned anything to her about what has been happening there (we have since moved to Alabama). She was worried that they we going to hold her down and put her in the "straight jacket" again. She has never mentioned this to me before. I was shocked. I will talk with her after school today to get more detail. What bothers me the most is that Dr. Doves office NEVER told me they did that. According to them she was "fine". I questioned them on how she responded to the treatment and was told it was normal. I will be filling a report.

--Ashley Tucker
My Daughter was so HORRIFIED & TRAUMATIZED when they finally let me see her...she could not even speak! She was full of tears! She said Dr. Dove put his hand over her mouth & she could not breath when she was yelling! Then she demonstrated that he pinched her nose & said "Hey Girl none of that in here!". She said as she cried "Mom Dentist are not supposed to do that!" What is his damn problem! He only told me that he told her that she had to be a big girl and he needed to do the work...he did NOT mention his method of abused he did to my daughter!
I hate myself for not reading this earlier because I was questioning why they would not let us be in the room while he worked.
He cares more about the sedation fee & Insurance payment they YOUR CHILD! He could have easily said "Ma'am she will not cooperate & I am unable to perform the work." and I could have found a Pediatric Dentist that would and with better children qualities than Dr. Eddie Dove! I AM say the least!

--Roberta Ayala

--Shawnee Levingston Lewis

Just to let everyone know Dr. Dove has 3 other offices besides the one in Kern County and when I was a child he did the same thing to me and at that time he worked for California Dental on Stine in Bakersfield ca.
I am 26 now but when I was 5 I went to California Dental on Stine Dr. Dove was my dentist he slapped me and held my face & threatened to hurt me worse if I didnt stop crying for my mom because he didnt numb me good enough & it hurt but my turned the corner and saw him holding my mouth shut she yanked me out of the chair & reported him he was asked to quit before his license was pulled so he quit and began working somewhere else I still hate the dentist because of what he did!!!!!! Its time for him to be stopped he is a liar and he is not to be trusted!!!!!!

--Nikki Cook-Elms
So sorry to hear of all the horrible situations that happened to all these poor babies. My Experience with Dr. Dove was nothing like any of this. I believe my daughter was 7 and her appointment went fine. However when the commercial Dr. Dove rocks would come on she would say Dr. Dove SUCKS!!!!! We were referred by friends that love him , but I believe they just had check ups & cleanings no work. I finally asked why she said this and she told me that when she went she was afraid and that she started to cry and Dr. Dove told her if she didn't stop crying she would not get to go home! So she sucked up the tears and held it in just so she could get through it to get to me! How SAD! When she told me this I asked her what the assistant said? She said there wasn't an assistant! Very odd! I had experience with the cocktail at another dental office Dr. Purdy so I knew what to expect and was aware that they starp them down, they have to in case the child becomes combative but this surely should have been explained to the Parents by Dr. Dove!. I had two foster boys at one point that went to Dr. Purdy his office was wonderful! They don't treat children over 6 though. They explained it all even told me to only bring one child as that child would need my full attention and to not let them play outside that day after the treatment & to keep a close eye on them! The coctail either makes the child loopy or it can make them violent or irritable! This man is cruel and something should be done!

--Anonymous (RedBandana)
"I have not joined the Facebook page in question, but unfortunately, I can empathize with the angst that these parents are experiencing. Extracting a baby tooth is still extraction - it's going to hurt, especially if there isn't enough pain medication administered beforehand. Your claim that it is not a big deal because it wasn't something like “amputating the wrong arm” is ludicrous. Any *reputable* dentist is going to provide pain medication prior to extracting a tooth, and any *reputable* dentist will not proceed until the patient is sufficiently numb in the area where the procedure is to occur. Even veterinarians use pain medication on their animal patients when they are doing invasive work (dental or otherwise).
When I took my child to Dr. Dove, I did so because our usual dentist was out on vacation. Unlike many children, my child was able to walk into - and out of – the treatment area; obviously, my child did not have enough of the 'juice'. During the time my child was in the back, my child needed to go to the bathroom, and eventually began crying because of it. Dr. Dove threatened my child by saying, "Do you want to see your mommy again?" to which my child responded with a tearful "Yes." At that point, Dr. Dove said, "Then you had BETTER behave." Despite a multitude of other reasons why I believe Dr. Dove to be anything but reputable, this callous and cruel threat alone is unquestionably an abuse of his position, and I would maintain that his "professional" standards are repugnant and an embarrassment to good medicine.
I have had the good fortune to find competent and caring dentists for my children, all of whom have allowed parents to accompany their child in the exam room, even for procedures such as a tooth extraction. Your defense of barbaric methods such as those Dr. Dove employs is alarming and patently untrue. Indeed, it is not simply that the papoose and the exclusion of parents in the treatment area can *cause* children to fear the dentist, but rather that those things are in place in a practice where the dentist is brutish and menacing, and where vulnerable children are subjected to pain and threats by a person in a position of power and authority.
If Dr. Dove ever wants to redeem his name, he could start by allowing parents the option of accompanying their children in the treatment area. Moreover, if he chooses to continue using the papoose technique, parents should be verbally informed of what that entails, and their consent to have their children subjected to it should be on a page separated from any other unrelated information. Of course, parents should absolutely be given the choice to opt not to have their children confined in this way. In our own experience, the brief verbiage about Dr. Dove’s use of this method of restraint was hidden halfway down a page that did not otherwise apply to the technique.
Finally, surely you do not mean to imply that only parents with advanced degrees are capable of discerning maltreatment of their children? And although I recognize the epithet for what is, I hope you realize that your use of the obviously insulting term “redneck” speaks more about your own character than about those you attempt to malign. "
I applaud you!!