Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to slow the child abuse, tortuous dental overtreatment and fraud

If states want to stop the influx of these substandard dental mills; if states want to end the continued overtreatment and child torture perpetrated on the poorest and most vulnerable of our citizens; if states want to cut the Medicaid fraud by same dental mills by billions; the solution may be as simple as slowing down the reimbursements.

Many think they gravitate to states with the highest reimbursement rates or those states that pay for more procedures, but that’s not always true.  If you were to ask an exec at one of the mills, you may well be told it’s actually how fast the money flows into their coffers.

Look at the states who are slow to pay; you won’t find many dental mills there.  Take Illinois for example, they are considered to be slow to pay; no Small Smiles or Kool Smiles there. 

Of course that’s just one of the factors considered, but it’s a huge one!  Other factors could be:

How quickly dentists can be credentialed
How quickly dentists can be licensed with the state dental board
Who they know and can control at the state dental associations