Saturday, February 13, 2010

ATTN: Angie's List Article

Michael Schroeder is writing an article for Angie's List Health
Contact Michael if you have a story to share.
He's on a tight deadline, this week and next so not
must time.

Michael Schroeder | STAFF WRITER

Angie’s List Health magazine
1030 E. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202


2 Must Read Comments:

Anonymous said...

you are quite the bitter hag, eh? I also think it is tasteless to pull photos from facebook and use them.

Anonymous said...

To the first comment. Maybe the "bitter hag" as you call her is fighting for all the kids and their safety and well being. As far as the photos, well these people didn't mind posting their own photos on the web in the first place so I feel it is fair game. If you don't want your pictures on the web then don't put them up to begin with. I think this woman is extremely brave and compassionate in wanting to help shut down these dental mills and save our kids from harm.