Saturday, February 06, 2010

Dan DeRose Suing Darek Spring

Here's the deal:
Darek says he worked for some company that had borrowed money from Dan to buy a bank...  The deal fell through as did the company.  Darek worked for this company and ended up like so many during this hard economic times and had to file bankruptcy too.  Dan then went after Darek.  Why  Darek,  I'm not sure, but in the end Dan dropped the suit and ate the $500k. Darek says has never seen nor met Dan DeRose.

Original post:
This is a funny little tidbit of info for my readers. Daniel (Dan) DeRose part of the FORBA DeRose fiasco and owner of DD Marketing is in the middle of an odd lawsuit.

He's suing Darek S. Spring in Colorado, case number 09-25344-HRT. Darek is in the middle of his own Chapert 7 bankruptcy case. Darek is trying to 'discharge' in his bankruptcy, a loan he owed to Dan DeRose. Dan is having a kicking and screaming fit, trying to stop that from happening.

The thing I thought was funny was the loan amount and the reason for the loan. Darek borrowed $500,000.00! Yep, Dan loaned Darek a half a million dollars.

Wonder why Darek needed a half a million dollars.... ?? ... it was to 'buy a bank'! I kid you not!

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Anonymous said...

I think it is rather fitting that one Scumbag rips off another Scumbag. If you look up Darek Spring in the SOS of Colorado you will find he has owned several companies and most are out of business. Also google his name and you will find lots of complaints about him scamming loads of people. Only fitting that Danny Boy DeRose got some screwing while he has been screwing the medicaid system. What goes around comes around. Want some KY jelly Danny Boy???

Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather.......screw each other!

Dan said...

It seems like what goes around comes around never applies to the DeRose family. $500K is small change for Dan DeRose, and I wonder why he would even bother to try to sue. Oh, excuse me, I forgot. The DeRoses are the saviors of Pueblo.

Anonymous said...

If you see that prick Darek, tell him he owes me 15k. He defrauded many, many people that have taken partnership with PTF Financial. He made promises to pay back the funds while having no interest in doing any of it.