Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Moriarty-Leyendecker Stepping Up To Fight For The Children Harmed

Warriors have arrived to take on FORBA and its Small Smiles chain of dental clinics in the form of the law firm Moriarty-Leyendecker . (Jim and Kevin respectively)

I couldn’t be more thankful!! It’s about time there is justice for the children who had to endure the paid from these dental mills.

As we know the states got their reimbursement for the fraudulent billing of FORBA’s Small Smiles dental clinics as did the Fed’s in the $24 million dollar settlement. (I’m thinking it probably cost more than $24 mil to do the 2+ year investigation)

So far, not one child has been compensated for the horrific mental and emotional damage, imagine the humiliation these children have suffered. Nor have they been compensated for the physical damage that may take years to repair, if it can be repaired at all. Much of the damage done will last a lifetime for these children, and there could be up to 300,000 or more of these injured children.

What about the damage done to the trust these children have in their parents to protect them from harm. Will these children ever trust their parents again? What about teachers, policeman and others of authority? At minimum these abused children will find it harder to form long lasting and loving bonds as a matter of course.

It’s likely the child’s brain development has been impaired and certainly interrupted and redirected. The way these children were abused and treated has changed who they were supposed to be, forever! This is undeniable.


Jim Moriarty and his partners are no strangers to medicine gone wild. That’s why I’m so elated to see they are standing up and stepping in.

In 1994 Jim Moriarty took on National Medical Enterprises (NME), later known as Tenet Healthcare. This sleaze ball company was, and I quote from the book Coronary: A True Story Of Medicine Gone Awry:

deceiving parents into allowing their children to be imprisoned in mental institutions where at best they were warehoused and at worst they were subjected to alleged therapies that resembled torture more than treatment

Sound familiar?

I encourage you to read the excerpt from Coronary: A True Story Of Medicine Gone Awry, by by Stephen Klaidman here.

As with FORBA, NME signed a Corporate Integrity Agreement with the Feds. When the federal fraud case was over NME thought the coast was clear. They were wrong!

Enter Jim Moriarty and “a pack of ex-patients and personal-injury lawyers” Jim is described as, and I again I quote:

a motormouthed forty-eight-year-old former Marine door gunner in Vietnam. (he’s a bit older now, I’m sure)

Moriarty is not necessarily someone you would like to have on your tail. When he focuses on something — it could be anything from a big, consolidated lawsuit to racing his hopped-up go-cart at 120 miles an hour — it is with the tenacity of a junkyard dog.

Jim ran into Tenet Healthcare again when one of it’s hospitals in Redding, California had an usually high rate of heart bypass surgeries. Jim was a bit disappointed the case didn’t go to trial so the story would be told. By settling with the 750 patients for $395 million dollars, Tenent kept the nasty truth off the front page. You can read about this outrageous health care scam online by clicking here: Money Driven Medicine, by Maggie Mahar.

Jim Moriarty and Moriarty-Leyendecker want to hear from you.

Please, contact Jim, Kevin and the crew, tell them your story.

Contact Moriarty-Leyendecker here.

***(BTW, no top management in the NME case went to jail, but others certainly did, something you dentists, hygienists and assistants who work for FORBA and Small Smiles should give a whole lot of thought to-like who is going feed your family when you’re in the clinker? FORBA bobble heads will through you under the bus in a New York minute!)***

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