Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Missouri Hit With Disgraced Dental Chain; Small Smiles?

Is it possible Small Smiles has moved to Missouri?  No, not  according to Jeslyn Schillinger, who says the West Edgewood Small Smiles dental center in Jefferson City is not affiliated with FORBA/Small Smiles in any way.  That's good to hear.  She says it's a great place and Dr. Marchack is great with children.  I'll let her tell you:

Here is her email:
I was absolutely shocked and mortified to read the Feb. 16th article on your site. I have been taking my children to this clinic since about that time and have always had great experiences. The staff is friendly and comforting with all of the children I've seen on each of our five visits to date.
I was appalled to see our dentist's name and practice dragged through the mud with no apparent investigation. After my own investigation, I have found that Small Smiles at West Edgewood Dental has absolutely NO affiliation with the Small Smiles/FORBA in other states. Small Smiles in Jefferson City, MO, is a private practice where Dr. Marchack treats each child and parent with the utmost respect. On each visit, we have been welcomed to accompany our children in the exam rooms and have been with them through the entire visit.
During a routine sealant visit, one of my children began telling the Doctor about his toothache, Dr. Marchack looked at it and scheduled him to come back at the end of the day to have the tooth filled and another capped. (We had already been through the antibiotic regiment as a precaution prior to the visit.) I was moved to tears that there our children's dentist would volunteer to stay late on a Friday afternoon just so my child wouldn't have a toothache for another three weeks, until his next scheduled appointment.
I have recommended this clinic to every parent I know, as I am sure you would if you ever went there with your children.   I appreciate the magnitude of the allegations regarding the other Small Smiles/FORBA clinics, but some true investigation should be made before you publicly slander another clinic and doctors for merely having a similar name.
 I would suggest whoever owns this clinic change its name ASAP.  The name Small Smiles and Dental is only going to get worse.

One thing for sure, FORBA is registered to do business in Missouri.  The actual name of the clinic is West Edgewood Dental Small Smiles.  It used to be named West Edgewood Dental Group.  

Over at the Missouri Department for Health and Senior Services showing Cole County it clearly refers to this clinic as 'Small Smiles".  Checking the SOS site, it appears the dentist may have been there for a while, so its highly likely this Small Smiles is NOT affiliated with FORBA.

Here is an ad:


West Edgewood Dental Small Smiles

3306 Emerald Lane
Jefferson City, MO 65109-6877
(573) 638-3897
Get directions
I searched for all dentists in Cole County and 5 popped up. I looked at their names and immediately they appear just like so many of FORBA Small Smiles dentists. 

Here they are:

Over at dexknows.com it give another address for West Edgewood Dental Small Smiles, but the phone numbers are the same.

West Edgewood Dental Small Smiles
Jefferson City, MO 65109

Here is even another phone number (660) 638-3897 I found here. Both area codes are Missouri codes.

3 Must Read Comments:

Unknown said...

I googled my name after talking to my mother about finding something in the paper about doing a health fair. Out of curiosity I googled my name and found this blog. I was very upset and horrified that I was being slandered on this internet site. I did not respond to this blog without consulting an attorney first. He recommended that I just respond to the blog because it is not worth the lawsuit. I am not convinced! I have put a lot of thought of what to say to someone who doesn't know me from Adam. I now realize that we out for the same goal, to help children. I to am angered health care professionals whether it be dentists or physicians who take advantage of children or the helath care system. I even sit on the board of Human and Social Services which helps to investigate people who take advantage of the medicaid system. It is those who do fradulant things that make it hard for those of us who do the right thing to treat the medicaid poulation. I care and that's why I do it, but I do make good money doing it and I am not ashamed of it. It is things like this blog that give Dr's who treat this population a bad name and cause further problems with access to care. I do charity work, I treat some children and parents for free, I do health fairs for free, and my office has a great name in this community. I have worked nine years to have the right to be a dentist. I feel that I am owed an apology for what has been said about myself, my practice, and some of the other associate Dr.'s in this practice.

Debbie said...

Coming in from Winter Park Florida, the doc has me a bit confused.

To The Doc:
You think telling people the Small Smiles in Jeff City is NOT affiliated with the FORBA Small Smiles is slander? Really?

You feel you deserve an apology for posting a rave review? Ok, sorry.

You didn't even ask it be taken down, reworded or revised, just an apology for making sure people aren't confused.

You clearly wanted people to read your comment, since you could have just sent me an email.

You think sights like this do harm to children, contribute to medicaid fraud and stopping the problem? Really? Not informing people is better? Really? Keeping it a dirty little secret is better? Hide it from the public, is better?

You would be shocked at what this sight has accomplished in getting things changed in these dental mills.

Yes, your office has a great name in the community, it's clear in the post. Had you rather people think your clinic is associated with the low down FORBA clinics?

How's the weather in Florida?

Debbie said...

Why didn't you use your name? Small? Really? Had I not known you actually "Binged" Corbin Marchack, I wouldn't have a clue as to which person you were talking about.