Thursday, February 25, 2010

Comment From A Parent About Kool Smiles in Vancouver, WA

Eryn said...

Thanks for blogging about this. In December, my son was diagnosed with 4 cavities, one in each of his left 4 molars, at a Kool Smiles in our hometown, Vancouver, WA.

I had a gut feeling that it was just wrong, the Dr. treated me horribly, and that basically I had ruined my son's beautiful teeth. They told me he needed 4 stainless steel crowns.

I went to a new private pediatric dental specialist today, who told me there was no cavity in 2 of those teeth, and the other two were absolutely not in need of crowns. There are cavities, but only need one reasonable filling.

I am shocked and appalled. We plan to contact our local news station in Portland Or. Your blog has been helpful to us in confirming our suspicions about this chain.

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